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Learn About Career Prep Tools

Learn About Career Prep Tools

Becoming unemployed can be a stressful situation, fortunately the state offices give resources to assist with re-employment. In order to use any of the following services, individuals must have authorization to work in the United States. Job seekers should have all documentation showing they are authorized to work in the United States to ensure full access and benefits to EDD programs.

About the Toolbox for Job Seekers

One service offered is the Toolbox for Job Seekers. The toolbox has job search, training and career exploration tools. America’s Job Center is an excellent resource which provides service, tools and resources at no cost to the job seeker. These are local centers that an unemployed individual can visit. Each of these centers have access to phones, printers, copy machines and internet available for the purposes of conducting work search activities. There are career specialists that can help job seekers identify and match their skills to jobs using different assessments. Career specialists can also help job seekers make career decisions. The computers located in the job centers allow individuals to create résumés, apply for employment and explore career opportunities. The Job center offers workshops, training referrals and community resources to help minimize the time of unemployment.

Learn About the EDD Online Data Library

The EDD has implemented an online data library where job seekers can find an abundance of information. This data library has current and historical data in relation to state wages, labor force, occupations and industries. Employment projections can also be found. Users can search and download this information. These sources are used to make informed decisions when pursuing an occupation, and help to understand the state’s economy. For job seekers in particular, information can be found on the required skills and education needed for specific occupations. They can also make informed decisions on what areas are ideal market places for the career path they have chosen, and the typical pay based on location and occupation. This data library is part of the Employment Development Department (EDD).

Find Out About the Employment Development Department Training Programs in States

The EDD offers training programs to further expand employment opportunities for job seekers. The first step in pursuing training is finding out whether you will need occupational training based on your desired position. Research your current occupation and others growing in demand. Next, take a skills assessment at an America’s Job Center office. Individuals can receive basic training like obtaining a GED or strengthening a basic skill like math, reading or English. On-the-job training refers to an apprenticeship opportunity or being trained by a local employer to gain skills needed for a specific job. Vocational training is for in-demand jobs that require a particular set of skills. You can find resources and information for all of these at an AJCC office.

Going back to school to finish or start a new degree always opens up new doors for unemployed individuals. The states offer various grants to help residents pursue higher education. Often times, individuals may feel they can do more and advance further in their life if only they had the appropriate education. Individuals should take advantage of all services and resources offered by states to continue their education and find new employment.

Crucial career prep elements consist of having a good résumé, cover letter and interview skills. Attending résumé workshops and maintaining updated information on your résumé will help you get that desired job. Cover letters should be tailored to the occupation and company you are seeking employment with. To improve interview skills, a job seeker should use online sources for tips and tricks on landing the interview. The best way to sharpen those interview skills is to partake in mock interviews with friends, family or at a local career center.  Prior to going on an interview, make sure to do your research on the company, as well as the job market, so you can have informed responses and land your desired position.