How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in Alaska

Learning how to apply for unemployment online in Alaska or by another method is beneficial for unemployed workers in the United States to receive unemployment insurance (UI) benefits as soon as possible after losing a job. If you are wondering, “How can I sign up for unemployment in Alaska?” after determining eligibility for unemployment insurance in the state, the online application for unemployment is easily accessible to workers. Gathering the necessary information before starting an application will make the entire process go as smoothly as possible. After determining where to sign up for unemployment if you have been employed in another state, the process to apply for unemployment benefits can begin. Learn how to file for an unemployment claim in Alaska by reading the following information.

Information Needed to Apply for Unemployment in Alaska

When determining how to apply for unemployment online in Alaska, the first step in the application process is securing the necessary personal and financial information before filling out an initial unemployment claim. Whether the online application for unemployment or another method is being used to file a claim, the same information is required. Applicants should ensure that all information provided is detailed and accurate to receive a determination of benefits as quickly as possible. In Alaska, applying for unemployment requires the following personal information and work history details.

To file for unemployment in Alaska, financial information such as past employer and income information must be provided as during the application to see if the applicant meets UI eligibility requirements. Detailed contact information for each employer within an applicant’s base period such as name of employer, address and phone number should be included in an initial claim. An application for unemployment in Alaska also requires the period an applicant was employed at each job and dates of employment to be provided.

When filing for unemployment, applicants must provide the information below, as applicable:

  • Contact information including full name, address and phone number
  • Social Security number or alien registration card number, if the applicant is not an American citizen
  • Alaska driver’s license number or other state-issued identification number
  • SF8 or SF50 forms for federal employees
  • DD214 form for ex-military service members

Lastly, to apply for unemployment benefits, applicants who would like benefits to be sent through direct deposit will be required to submit the bank routing number and checking or savings account number of the account where they would like to receive unemployment insurance benefits.

How Can I Sign Up For Unemployment in Alaska?

The online application for unemployment is the fastest way for unemployed workers to apply for benefits in Alaska. Applicants may also file a claim by phone if this method is more convenient. However, filing for unemployment by phone generally results in a longer turnaround time for an application to be reviewed by the Alaska UI benefit office. Applicants wondering where to apply for unemployment should submit a claim using the method that is easiest for them.

Choosing where to sign up for unemployment benefits if an applicant has been employed in another state besides Alaska requires careful consideration of the unemployment insurance benefits available and eligibility requirements in each state of employment. This is because filing for unemployment is based on specific eligibility requirements that differ among states. Furthermore, unemployment registration in one state may result in the applicant receiving a lower amount of benefits than they might receive in another state. For example, the unemployment benefit program developed by California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) is different than the program created by Alaska’s Department of Labor (DOL). The unemployment EDD application in California has separate requirements than the unemployment DOL application in Alaska. Applicants should choose where to register for unemployment benefits in the state by following UI information from their respective states. Applicants may be able to apply for a “combined wage claim” if they were working outside of Alaska during the base period for determining benefits.

When to Sign Up for Unemployment Insurance in Alaska

Filing for unemployment insurance in Alaska should begin as soon as an applicant becomes unemployed. After applying for unemployment benefits, a worker can expect to receive their first benefit payment in the state two or three weeks after the claim is submitted. This is because the application must be processed, verified and reviewed by the state before any benefit amount is allotted to an applicant. Considering this waiting period, filing an unemployment claim right away is in the best interest of every unemployed worker.

How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Alaska

Applying for unemployment online begins with creating an account on the Alaska DOL UI benefit website platform, called myAlaska. The initial online application for unemployment is available through the myAlaska platform. Applicants should fill out the claim form and submit it through the website. The Alaska DOL UI website is available 24 hours a day, so applying online is convenient for any schedule. UI applicants can check on the status of the claim through myAlaska after the application has been submitted.

Applicants may also apply for unemployment benefits by phone in Alaska. The Alaska UI office provides an automated phone system called VICTOR designed specifically for the unemployment program in the state. Signing up for unemployment through VICTOR requires the same personal and financial information to be provided by an applicant by phone. Unlike the online unemployment application, VICTOR is not available at all times and has specific hours for use. Applicants should file and submit an initial claim form with the automated phone system.

Workers who file for unemployment as a federal workers or ex-military service member are required to submit additional supporting documentation to prove federal or military worker status. After applying for benefits online or by phone, these workers should mail or fax the required documents to the Alaska DOL UI office. Whether an applicant is submitting an initial claim form in Alaska online or by phone, they should take extraordinary care to provide concise and truthful information on an application, or benefits may be denied or delayed. To learn more about how to apply for unemployment benefits, applicants can download our comprehensive unemployment guide.

After You File an Unemployment Claim in Alaska

When an online application for unemployment or claim filed by phone is completed, Alaska DOL may request a short phone interview to be completed before an application can be approved. During the phone interview, the applicant will be asked questions about their eligibility for benefits and employment history. After filing an unemployment claim and completing an interview, applicants can expect a determination of benefits within two weeks. Depending on where the applicant registered for unemployment, online or by phone, the applicant will receive a statement in the mail and/or online stating whether they have been accepted to collect unemployment benefits in the state. If an initial claim form is denied, the applicant may file an appeal with Alaska DOL. To learn more about UI appeals and eligibility, applicants can click here to download an in-depth unemployment guide.