How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in Arkansas

If you know how to apply for unemployment online in Arkansas, then you can start receiving your benefits faster if you are qualified and deemed to be eligible. Those who are still asking, “How can I sign up for unemployment in AR?” should know that the online process is simple and user-friendly. The online application for unemployment makes processing your claim easier and more streamlined than if you were to apply by other methods. When you suddenly require financial assistance due to losing a job, there is no time to waste in submitting your benefits claim. To learn where to sign up for unemployment online and how to apply for these benefits, continue reading the sections below.

The Unemployment Application Process in Arkansas

When you apply for unemployment benefits in Arkansas, you are required to submit an application through the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services (ADWS), the agency that operates and manages the Federal-State Unemployment Insurance Program in Arkansas. You can file for an unemployment claim in AR online, in person or by phone through the correct websites and channels.

When you file for unemployment in Arkansas, you will have to provide personal contact information to prove your own identity. If your unemployment application is submitted and then you require supporting documentation for your identity, a state-issued driver’s license should suffice, as well as proof of your citizenship or immigration status, if required.

If your unemployment application requires further follow up, you might be asked to come to a local office with additional supporting documentation. Be sure your unemployment registration details are all accurate when you submit your claim and ensure that you have proof for all claims made. This includes proof of your identity, as well as proof of all former employment details for the past 18 months.

Where to Sign Up for Unemployment

Workers wondering where to register for unemployment benefits should know that they can apply online through the state’s EZARC system. During the AR unemployment registration process, you can get assistance with your application in person or by phone, as indicated above. But, ultimately, your claim must be submitted through the online system in order to become active.

If you need assistance with your online application for unemployment, you can visit a local office or call the customer service line for help. If you need to know where to apply for unemployment in person at a local office, you can call this customer service number. If you want to apply at a local office, be sure to bring a government-issued form of identification with you.

How to Apply for Unemployment Online in Arkansas

The online Arkansas unemployment EDD application will walk you through providing all the necessary information to receive your benefits. Before starting the AR online unemployment application, it is a good idea to gather all the necessary documentation so you can more easily answer the questions on the application. First, gather details to prove your identity, including your Social Security Number (SSN), your contact information in order to receive any important benefits information by mail or email, your full legal name and your full legal address.

Other unemployment application information will include the name of your last employer, that employer’s contact information and the employer’s full legal address. In reviewing your unemployment benefits claim application, your last employer will be contacted and must verify the information you provide on your application. The dates you worked there, the wages you earned and any compensation you received as part of a severance or separation package must be accurately reported. Especially important is the reason you give for your separation from employment.

To apply for unemployment insurance, you must be a United States Citizen or be lawfully present and legally able to work in the U.S. Proof of your status for unemployment benefits will be required, including your alien identification number if you are not a U.S. Citizen.

Submitting an online unemployment application in Arkansas typically takes about 30 minutes, especially if you already have the required information ready. If you need more time for your online application for unemployment, you can choose to log out of the application and return anytime within 24 hours to continue your application. Your information will not be saved for more than 24 hours.

When you apply for unemployment, your claim starts the day it is submitted to ADWS, so it is best to start and complete your claim as soon as possible after you become officially unemployed. You cannot start an unemployment claim while still employed; you must wait until you have worked your last day with your employer.

For more information on the unemployment application process, download our comprehensive guide.

After You File for Unemployment in Arkansas

After filing for unemployment benefits in Arkansas, you will receive confirmation that you should print as proof of the start of your claim. Receiving AR unemployment benefits requires you to submit a biweekly benefits claim. You must use the ArkLine phone system or ArkNet online system to file your biweekly claim. You are responsible for proactively requesting your benefits; there is no automated payment system.

Your first week of qualified unemployment benefits will be postponed for a waiting period of one week after you are determined to meet unemployment eligibility requirements. This is standard unemployment insurance practice; you will begin receiving your full weekly benefits the following week.

Your unemployment benefits will be paid via direct deposit to a bank account of your choosing or added to a debit card issued by ADWS. In your unemployment application information, you can provide your banking details if you want to receive your benefits as a direct deposit. Remember that any unemployment benefits received must be declared on your next year’s tax return.

Download our comprehensive guide for more details on the application process for unemployment benefits.