How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in Florida

How to apply for unemployment online in Florida is often a primary concern for workers when they separate or are terminated from full time employment. Recently terminated workers may question, “how can I sign up for unemployment in FL?” and be uncertain about where to go for assistance or what documentation or information will be needed to secure benefits. Before using Florida’s online application for unemployment or any other method to apply for benefits, however, potential applicants will do well to review the application process and its requirements. Workers can apply for unemployment benefits correctly and efficiently by having an awareness and understanding of the application process. This reduces the likelihood of costly mistakes or delays. It simplifies the unemployment registration process by allowing applicants to collect vital information and documents that they will need to fill out their initial filings for unemployment in a timely manner before beginning their applications. Read the sec

File for an Unemployment Claim in Florida

Before exploring where to sign up for unemployment in Florida, unemployed workers are advised to focus on identifying and collecting the documentation they will need to complete and support their applications. In order to file for an unemployment claim in FL, applicants will need to provide personal, financial and employment-related information on an application, and accuracy is of the utmost importance. Personal information that applicants must provide includes basic contact information, such as address, phone number and a valid email address. It must be accompanied by supporting documentation including a Social Security Card and driver’s license or DMV-issued non-driver ID. To file for unemployment applicants will be required to list all employers for whom they worked in the 18 months prior to initiating an application for unemployment benefits. For each employer the list must include contact information, the dates of employment (start and end dates) and the employer’s FEIN number which is available on the applicant’s W-2 or 1099 tax forms. Applicants attempting to sign up for unemployment are required to report the adjusted annual gross income associated with each employer or position, as well as the cause of their separation or termination of their employment. It is vital that when an applicant files for an unemployment claim he or she makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of reported information. Knowing submission of false information is a crime and is punishable by loss of benefits, fines and incarceration. Accidentally supplying incorrect information when unemployment benefits registration process may result in delays in receiving benefits and potentially the loss, adjustment and/or repayment of benefits at such time as the error is uncovered.

Applicants signing up for unemployment who are or were employed by the military or the federal government will need to provide additional forms which will be provided to them by their former employers at the time of their separations from employment. Applicants filing for unemployment who are not citizens of the United States will need to supply their Alien Registration numbers or other documentation of authorization to work in Florida. Applicants registering for unemployment benefits who belong to a union are required to submit the name and hall number of their union, as well as a phone number or other contact information.

Where to Sign Up for Unemployment in Florida

Workers looking into where to register for unemployment benefits in Florida are encouraged to use the Reemployment Assistance Program’s online CONNECT system. To file for an unemployment claim in FL through CONNECT, applicants will need their Social Security Numbers, a PIN and the answers to several security questions. The PIN and security questions can be set up during the initial filing. Through CONNECT, applicants can complete all portions of the application for unemployment benefits, including the submission of identification documents. Workers applying via CONNECT should wait three business days after filing an online application for unemployment, then follow up with the Reemployment Assistance Program to ensure it has been received and processed correctly. Some workers may seek information on where to apply for unemployment if for any reason they cannot or prefer not to apply through the CONNECT system. Workers not using the CONNECCT system may apply for benefits in person at any CareerSource Office.

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All workers who submit an unemployment EDD application via the CONNECT system or in person are also required to register with the Employ Florida Marketplace. To complete this portion of the unemployment registration process, workers will need to supply a valid email address, establish a profile on the site, provide personal and employment history information and create or provide an up-to-date resume. The unemployment EDD applications of workers who do not fully and accurately finish registering with the Employ Florida Marketplace will be considered incomplete and therefore pending. No awards or benefits payments will be issued until such time as the Employ Florida Marketplace registration has been satisfactorily completed.

All applicants are advised to check their CONNECT accounts and/or their mail frequently in the days immediately following an initial filing for benefits. If an applicant used the online application for unemployment or applied in person and any information or documentation associated with the application was found to be missing or unsatisfactory, the Reemployment Assistance Program will issue a request for additional or revised information. Eligible applicants filing for unemployment must respond to all such requests promptly or risk having their applications cancelled. Applications which are canceled cannot be reopened. Applicants will be forced to begin the application process over again.

Bi-Weekly Filing for an Unemployment Claim in Florida

After a worker’s application for unemployment benefits in Florida has been approved, he or she will need to submit a bi-weekly request for benefits payments. All requests must be submitted via the CONNECT system. Initial requests for unemployment benefits must be submitted within seven days of an applicant’s initial report of approval for benefits and the initial filing date provided in the report. After the first request has been processed, recipients must submit their requests for benefits every two weeks in accordance with the instructions they are given to continue receiving benefits.

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