How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Kansas

Kansas applicants looking to find out how to apply for unemployment online should first become familiar with state eligibility requirements as explained by The Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL), which oversees the in-state unemployment insurance program. Applicants who believe they are eligible and wondering, “How can I sign up for unemployment?” have two options: submitting an online application for unemployment or signing up over the phone. Kansas residents should feel free to choose whichever submission method best suits their individual needs. Regardless of where to sign up for unemployment benefits, applicants should gather the required information and documentation necessary to complete the request before beginning the application process. Once awarded benefits, benefit recipients will be required to submit weekly updates to maintain their status. Continue reading to find out how to apply for unemployment benefits in Kansas and how to maintain benefits for unemployment payments.

Information and Documents Needed to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Kansas

An applicant who hopes to successfully file for an unemployment claim in Kansas must meet both state and federal eligibility criteria to be able to move forward in the application process. To file for unemployment benefits, applicants must be able to demonstrate having earned a minimum income while working for at least two of the last five previous financial quarters. In addition, those signing up for unemployment benefits in Kansas must have been laid off from their previous employer, not due to voluntary separation or employee misbehavior or misconduct. However, claimants may be able to apply for unemployment online or by phone if they have good cause for quitting their job, such as health concerns, broken contracts, conditions due to domestic violence, harassment and more.

To maintain eligibility, applicants filing for an unemployment claim must also be able to demonstrate that they are actively seeking suitable employment of which they are ready and willing to accept if given the chance. Anyone who signs up for unemployment benefits and struggles to fulfill this last qualification can contact their nearest KDOL office to register for available work opportunities and job fairs in their area. Regardless of how an applicant chooses to apply for unemployment benefits in Kansas, he or she will also be required to wait at least one week from the initial date of unemployment before submitting an application for unemployment benefits. To learn more about unemployment registration, petitioners can download our comprehensive guide for more details.

When filing for unemployment in Kansas, applicants will need to provide identification information such as a Social Security Number for American citizens or an alien registration number for non-citizens. Contact information such as the applicant’s address, phone number and email address will also be required when filing for unemployment. Applications for unemployment benefits will also require identification information for all previous employers, including their company name, contact person name, address, telephone number, email address and job-site location. Especially when completing the online application for unemployment, applicants should be careful to include self-identifying information and employer information exactly as it appears on their pay stubs and tax documents.

If applicants filing for unemployment benefits received wages from former military service or from state or federal work these funds must be declared as well. When filing for an unemployment claim, applicants who meet eligibility requirements for UI will receive funding through a debit card. The unemployment claim benefits are not available through direct deposit, although recipients can transfer their funds from the card into their account when possible.

Where to Register for Unemployment Benefits in Kansas

Applications for unemployment benefits in Kansas are available through the DOL’s online form or by phone. The KDOL recommends that applicants submit an online application for unemployment for fastest processing times. When filing for unemployment online, applicants can register so that they have one week to be able to complete an application during working hours. If an applicant needs help submitting an online application for unemployment, he or she can contact their nearest KDOL office for assistance. Recipients who submitted an online application for unemployment can also submit weekly benefits claims and change their address or update their personal information online.

Kansas residents wondering where to apply for unemployment benefits other than the online can sign up for assistance by phone. By contacting the state phone line dedicated to getting unemployment insurance benefits or the telephone number of the applicant’s nearest KDOL, the applicant will be able to connect with a Claims Specialist who can answer most of their application-related questions. Recipients of unemployment benefits may also file for weekly unemployment benefits by telephone as well. The phone application for unemployment in Kansas is mandatory under the following circumstances:

  • If the applicant was employed by the U.S. military or the federal government in the previous 18 months
  • If the Kansas unemployment applicant filed an out-of-state UI application in the previous year
  • If the applicant worked outside of Kansas in the previous 18 months

How to Maintain Kansas Benefits After Filing for Unemployment

KDOL begins processing phone and online applications for unemployment benefits after the applicant’s identity is verified by the Social Security Administration. An applicant who successfully files for unemployment benefits in Kansas must maintain all initial eligibility criteria throughout the period that he or she receives benefits. In broad terms, this means that the KS resident submitting an unemployment EDD application and seeking benefits is actively seeking employment and is ready and willing to accept an appropriate position when one becomes available. An applicant for unemployment benefits may lose his or her benefits if he or she is found to have rejected a work opportunity for ineligible reasons, like for an irregular work schedule or lack of childcare. Even more, recipients filing for unemployment benefits will be asked to provide identifying information for at least two employers that he or she contacted in the previous week in search of employment.

Every week, recipients who successfully filed for unemployment benefits in Kansas are required to submit a weekly claim form to update KDOL on the applicant’s current work and financial situations. Without filing for weekly unemployment benefits, the recipient will not receive their weekly benefit amount. This weekly form will ask applicants for unemployment benefits questions about any incoming funds they have had since last reporting, including any financial benefits from bonuses from previous employers or aid from other social security programs. As previously mentioned, filing for weekly unemployment benefits can be done both online and over the phone, whichever bests suits the benefit recipient. Any issues submitting this form can be solved by contacting the applicants nearest KDOL location. To learn more about applying for unemployment insurance and UI requirements, claimants can get our in-depth unemployment insurance guide.