How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Kentucky

To determine how to apply for unemployment online in Kentucky, residents must first understand the steps required during the application. If you are wondering “How can I sign up for unemployment?” or you would like to know more about how to apply by phone, the first steps is to make sure you meet all required eligibility criteria. If an applicant is found ineligible. The first step for applicants who do meet Kentucky requirements to submit an online application for unemployment is to gather all necessary information and documentation to be able to completely fill out the application. Once prepared, the applicant can choose to online or by phone. Applicants deciding where to sign up for unemployment benefits should choose whichever is more convenient for him or her. Applicants who apply and receive a positive response will be provided with a weekly benefit amount and be required to continue fulfilling all eligibility criteria throughout the benefits period in addition to submitting complete weekly claims forms. Read on to learn more about how to file for unemployment in Kentucky.

How to Prepare to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Kentucky

Residents who want to apply for unemployment benefits in Kentucky should first review program eligibility criteria as dictated by the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training (OET) to make sure they meet all necessary requirements. Although applicants for unemployment benefits must meet several eligibility requirements when submitting an application, the primary factors relate to whether an applicant has worked under qualifying conditions within the last 2 years. Successful applicants filing for unemployment must also be able to demonstrate that they were laid off from their previous employer due to no fault of their own and not by voluntary choice. In addition, applicants must be actively seeking new employment and ready and able to work immediately upon receiving an offer. Applicants for unemployment benefits can easily meet this final requirement by registering for work opportunities at their nearest Kentucky Career Center (KCC), the community branch of the OET that provides applicants with benefits information and employment resources.

When you are preparing to file for an unemployment claim, ensure that you meet all eligibility requirements including completing the mandatory one-week waiting period. You should then begin to gather all necessary information to for the application and documentation to support their claims. The application for unemployment benefits will require applicants to providing identification information such as their social security or alien registration number, contact phone number and address, a valid email and more. Applicants submitting an online application for unemployment will be required to create an account and register their email address to access the application. It is important that when you file for unemployment, you provide information to the unemployment agency exactly as it appears on the pay stubs to avoid any issues when processing the application.

You can choose where to register for unemployment benefits, you will also be required to provide identifying information for all previous employers from the last 2 years. This includes the employer’s name, address, telephone number and job-site location. Some applicants filing for unemployment must fill out additional forms, such as workers represented by labor unions, ex-military personnel and former federal employees. Applicants for unemployment benefits in Kentucky will have the option of receiving their weekly benefit amount either by direct deposit or debit card. Applicants who choose to receive funds in their bank account via direct deposit will be asked additional information about their bank. Applicants who file for unemployment and would prefer to receive a separate debit card dedicated to receiving their weekly monetary amount should make sure the address they include on the application accepts mail. Download our comprehensive guide to unemployment to understand more about the payment methods available.

Kentucky Submission Methods for Unemployment EDD Application

When completing unemployment registration in Kentucky, applicants have two options. Submitting an online application for unemployment is the recommended option by OET for the fastest processing time. When choosing the online option, applicants can decide where to apply for unemployment based on their schedule and location, as long as they have internet available. Applicants for benefits can contact the agency by phone or email for any troubleshooting needs. Applicants can register so that they are able to complete the online process in multiple sessions. The Kentucky online application system for unemployment benefits also allows a recipient to easily update his or her address, phone number, email address, payment method and more. Information submitted through the online portal is used by the KCC to help recommend appropriate available jobs to the recipient.

A Kentucky resident may also file for an unemployment claim by phone during regular working hours and limited hours on the weekend. Applying for unemployment benefits over the phone may be the best option for applicants who would like to have assistance filling out the application on a step by step basis. Like when submitting an online application for unemployment, applicants should prepare to submit the application by gathering all necessary materials before calling to complete the form. Download our helpful guide to discover more about application options and eligibility criteria for unemployment.

What to Do After You File for an Unemployment Claim in Kentucky

Applicants who successfully applied for unemployment benefits must maintain all eligibility requirements throughout the benefit period, such as continuing to actively seek work that the applicant is ready and willing to accept. Because this is an important aspect of filing for unemployment insurance, applicants will be asked to respond to a set of questions concerning these basic eligibility criteria on their regular claims form. Applicants for unemployment benefits in Kentucky must submit an update every week with this information in addition to the company names, contact information, person contacted, date and method of and results of at least two different employers that he or she contacted for a job work in the week prior.

If an applicant for unemployment benefits is discovered to have turned down any reasonable offer of work, even for reasons like lack of transportation, childcare or unreported health issues, he or she may lose eligibility to receive benefits. Recipients filing for a weekly unemployment claim will also be asked to report any income earned or received in the previous week, including any sums gained from work benefits like vacation or bonus pay and funds received from any other Kentucky social service program. Because of special guidelines relating to educational employees and students, benefit recipients must report if they begin any form of training or education course.