How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Louisiana

Before understanding how to apply for unemployment online in Louisiana applicants should make sure they meet all state and federal eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits. If an applicant believes that he or she is eligible, submitting an application begins by gathering the necessary documentation and information. Once ready, the question “How can I sign up for unemployment?” is most easily answered depending on the chosen submission method of the applicant. After you submit an online application for unemployment or an application in any other method, the applicant must continue to meet eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits by meeting certain job and income requirements. Keep reading to learn where to sign up for unemployment in Louisiana and what documentation you will need for a successful application.

Preparation Necessary to File for an Unemployment Claim in Louisiana

Residents who want to apply for unemployment benefits in Louisiana should first review all program eligibility criteria to check if they meet requirements. Applicants for unemployment benefits may meet these criteria if they have worked during the last year and a half, were let go from their previous employer for no fault of their own and are ready and able for new employment for which they are actively seeking. In addition, applicants should note that they will not be able to file for an unemployment claim until at least one week of time has passed from their last day of work. Applicants meeting these eligibility requirements can begin the process to apply for unemployment benefits by gathering the necessary documents for your application.

To file for unemployment, an applicant will need to provide information concerning his or her identify, work history and income. For identification purposes, an applicant for unemployment benefits will need to provide his or her social security number or alien registration number, living and mailing addresses and contact phone number. Applicants should pay special attention when providing this information to make sure it matches exactly the information provided on their pay stubs. Applicants submitting an online application for unemployment will also need to provide a valid email address. Filing for an unemployment claim can affect an employer, so applications for unemployment benefits claims will prompt the applicant to include the names, addresses, job-site locations and telephone numbers for all of his or her employers over the last 2 years. If the applicant was part of a worker’s union, additional information will be required as well. How to apply for unemployment for former military personnel and federal employees is slightly different and involves at least one more form to complete.

If an applicant is successful when filing for unemployment, he or she will be able to choose between receiving their monetary unemployment benefits by direct deposit into their bank account or via debit card. Applicants filing an unemployment claim who choose to receive their payments by direct deposit will also have to provide necessary banking information like bank account numbers and routing numbers. Applicants for unemployment benefits who opt for a debit card should make sure that they provide a mailing address that is operational and secure during the application process. Download our helpful guide to unemployment benefits and discover more about how to file a claim.

Application Submission Methods to Apply for Louisiana Unemployment Benefits

In Louisiana where to register for unemployment benefits will depend on your preference. There are two ways an applicant can file for unemployment in Louisiana and submit weekly claim forms in Louisiana: online or by phone. Applicants who would prefer in-person help can head to a local work agency to have a representative help them complete the. Understanding where to apply for unemployment online is relatively straightforward and recommended by the LDOL for the fastest application processing time. Applicants who wish to submit an online application for unemployment will need to visit the Louisiana Works web portal and register for access before proceeding with application submission. If an applicant filing for unemployment has any issues, he or she can contact their local work agency for online troubleshooting help.

Applicants who choose to complete an unemployment EDD application by phone will contact the state line dedicated to the service and follow the directions as explained. Applicants filing for unemployment by phone can also contact their local work agency for any troubleshooting needs. Regardless of how an applicant chooses to apply for unemployment benefits in Louisiana, he or she will have to submit a weekly claim update online or over the phone.

What to Do After You File for Unemployment Benefits in Louisiana

Once an applicant has completed unemployment registration in LA the LDOL has up to one month to come to a decision concerning his or her eligibility, though in most cases responses are received much sooner. Applicants who successfully apply for unemployment benefits will be required to submit weekly updates on their work and economic situations. Information that will be asked when an applicant decides to file an unemployment weekly claim in Louisiana will include questions concerning whether you worked in the past week or received any form of income from other social assistance programs, vacation/severance pay, bonuses or related sources. An applicant for unemployment benefits should also be able to demonstrate having actively sought work for which the applicant was ready and able to take. It is also important that benefit recipients share if they start any form of training or education program. Further, recipients filing for unemployment weekly benefits must not have turned down any reasonable offer to work.

In addition to the information listed above, successful applicants for unemployment benefits will be asked to provide the names, contact information, date of contact, person contacted, method of contact and results of at least three different employers that he or she contacted for work in the last week. These employers cannot have been the same as those contacted in previous weeks. Some exceptions to these general rules for filing for unemployment do apply. For example, applicants who file for unemployment and are part of a union may satisfy this requirement by visiting their union hall on regular basis. Louisiana residents that apply for unemployment benefits and who have an expected return date to work may show this agreement to waive work reporting requirements as well. Download our helpful guide to unemployment benefits and learn more about benefit exceptions and extensions.