How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in Maine

You may be wondering, “How can I sign up for unemployment in Maine?” if you are recently out of as job and need financial assistance while you search for a new place of employment. Learning how to apply for unemployment online or through other methods is an important step after you determine if you meet eligibility requirements. To apply for unemployment benefits, you must make sure to provide all documentation and meet conditions established by the federal and state requirements for benefits. This includes having made enough money while you were still employed, being eligible to work and actively searching for a job while you receive your unemployment benefits. You need to file and unemployment EDD application for a claim called an “initial claim” if you qualify for benefits. An initial claim reactivates an unemployment claim that was last filed 52 weeks before the new initial claim, or if you have never received benefits before. The following article will discuss where to sign up for unemployment, including information about online application for unemployment in Maine, if you met all requirements for the program, including the standards for income during a base period and reasons for job termination.

Applying for Unemployment Insurance in Maine

“How can I sign up for unemployment?” is a common question many people may ask if they quit or lost their job and meet eligibility requirements for UI benefits. In Maine, there are two main ways to file for unemployment: online through the Department of Labor website and over the phone. Where to apply for unemployment benefits will depend on what is the most convenient for you, as you will need access to either a telephone or a computer. However, you should note that whichever way you decide to apply for unemployment benefits, you will need to have access to the same personal and employer information. Applying for unemployment online is the fastest and most convenient method, but the phone option is also available for someone with limited internet access. You may even be able to apply by mail if you receive a green slip (Maine Form B-9) from your former employer.

How to Apply for Unemployment Online in Maine

When choosing where to register for unemployment benefits, consider your familiarity with computers and completing forms online. When you go to file for an unemployment claim, you may wish to apply through the Department of Labor’s online portal if you are comfortable with this application method. The fastest and easiest way to submit your unemployment registration and file a claim is online, as you do not have to wait on hold and deal with a large amount of callers. You will need to have an account on Maine’s unemployment website, ReEmployME. If you already have one, you can simply log in. However, if you do not, you will need to set one up. If you want to apply for unemployment benefits online, you will need a valid email address to set up your account. However, it is not advisable that you use an account that you share with someone else due to issues of privacy.

You will need to follow the instructions on how to file an initial claim for unemployment so that you may apply for unemployment benefits after creating an account. Make sure you pay close attention to each question and answer everything accurately and completely. Anything that is answered incompletely or inaccurately could delay the application process and may even result in fraud. Before you can file for an unemployment claim, you will need to select your most recent employer from the list provided. If your employer is not listed, you can instead write the name and contact information on the application in the space provided.

Applying for Unemployment Benefits by Phone in Maine

The send way to file for unemployment in Maine is by phone through the Claim Center. Before you call, you should have access to your Social Security Number and the information for your previous employer or employers. When filing an unemployment claim, make sure to provide employer details, contact information and your dates of employment. When you call to file for an unemployment claim, you will speak with a customer service representative. They will ask you a series of questions before you can file your first claim. Having all of the necessary information already present will speed the process up and make it easier to begin filing your claim. If you decide to file for unemployment over the phone, it is better to call later in the week, as this will result in shorter wait times. If you call at the beginning of the week, you may have a much longer wait time.

Note: You can apply by mail if your employer provides a B-9 form, sometimes called a green slip. You can speak with your former employer to see if you are eligible for this form.

To learn more about the application process, download our unemployment insurance guide.

Information You Should Have Before Filing for Unemployment in Maine

To apply for unemployment benefits, you will need to submit the proper paperwork. However, before you can do that, you must first prepare the necessary documentation and information that you will use to fill out the application. This information includes:

  • Your Social Security Number or Alien Registration number.
  • The name and contact information of each business you worked at over the last 18 months.
  • You will also need to include the dates for which you worked at all of your previous places of employment.
  • If you have children for whom you are the main support or caregiver of, you will need to include their Social Security numbers and other relevant information.

When to Apply for Benefits in Maine

You should file for an unemployment claim as soon as you become unemployed. Any weeks you spend without work prior to applying for or receiving unemployment benefits will not be eligible to count towards your benefits. To learn more about submitting unemployment claims, you can download our comprehensive guide to unemployment insurance.