How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in Minnesota

You may wonder, “How can I sign up for unemployment in Minnesota?” after you receive a notice of termination from your employer. Learning how to apply for unemployment online or other methods can help you obtain temporary financial assistance after losing a job. You can complete a phone or online application for unemployment in Minnesota, depending on your needs and preferences for application. You cannot file for unemployment in every instance that you find yourself without a job – instead, there are a number of state-government services and guidelines that must be followed in order to regulate and facilitate proper filing procedures. However, if you are deemed eligible to file for an unemployment claim, the application process is designed to be as painless and as simple as possible. This article will outline where to sign up for unemployment insurance in Minnesota, and the correct information that you need to make sure you apply for benefits with all of the necessary documents.

Where to Register for Unemployment Benefits in Minnesota

Allowing Minnesota residents to apply for unemployment benefits every year, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development has created the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program, also called the Unemployment Insurance of Minnesota (UIMN). This unemployment registration program is the body that regulates unemployment benefits and establishes when and how much residents can earn in financial aid. Filing a Minnesota UIMN claim is similar to filing an unemployment EDD application in California, or any number of other states’ unemployment services, but every state unemployment institution has slightly different application procedures, eligibility requirements and sometimes vastly different financial benefit amounts. Using UIMN, you can file an online application for unemployment, or submit your application over the phone. Both of these unemployment filing methods are outlined further below.

Unemployment Registration Documents & Information in Minnesota

Generally, it is wise to file for unemployment in MN as soon as you become jobless/lose your full-time working hours, because UIMN considers your first possible chance to receive unemployment insurance benefits to be the day after you lose your job (instead of the first day that you file a claim). Therefore, in order to apply for unemployment benefits quickly and efficiently, it is highly recommended that Minnesota residents prepare a number of identifying information and documents for their applications. You should make sure to have your Social Security Number (Alien Registration Number for non-citizens) & ID number from a state-issued identification card or driver’s license. When you apply for unemployment online or phone, you should make sure to provide your mailing address, telephone number and any other contact information request by the system. When you sign up for unemployment benefits in Minnesota, may sure to provide information about your previous employers for the last 18 months and banking information if you want direct deposit for you UI payments.

Additionally, if you are filing for an unemployment claim as an ex-military member or an ex-federal employee, you may be able to qualify for additional benefits by submitting the proper identifying paperwork in your application. By preparing this documentation, Minnesota unemployment registration can be a fast and simple process. To learn more about preparing to apply for unemployment benefits, you can download our comprehensive unemployment insurance guide for more information.

How to Apply for Unemployment in Minnesota

The UIMN has made it easy to discover where to apply for unemployment coverage for Minnesota residents by providing convenient application services both online and over the phone. Becoming unemployed is often a sudden, unexpected occurrence. So, filing for unemployment insurance should not be a difficult process, so that you can begin to receive financial aid when you need it the most. UIMN recommends their online portal for unemployment registration first, as it is a generally faster process – however, if you prefer phone communication, that method is available as well.

The UIMN online application for unemployment benefits is considered to be the most efficient method because it allows unemployment applicants to create an account, and upload documents that you will need in both your first application, as well as your weekly insurance renewal forms. After you have filed for unemployment insurance using the UIN web portal, you can also use it to check the status of your claim, contact customer support, make payments and even file an appeal if you disagree with UIMN’s final verdict regarding your eligibility for UI payments. One of the benefits of completing your unemployment registration online is that it can be completed during business hours from Monday – Saturday (unlike using the phone service, which has specific times to call in).

You can also file for an unemployment claim using the UIMN phone service. This unemployment registration program has language options in English, Spanish, Hmong and Somali, and there are also interpreters that work with UIMN to provide a variety of other language options for the citizens of Minnesota. Using the phone service will allow you to set up a passcode, and you will also be required to input your Social Security number in order to verify your call. When you apply for unemployment benefits using the UIMN phone service, you will be taken through a variety of prompts that you can respond to by pressing a key – your responses will be taken into consideration when UIMN determines your eligibility and accepts your unemployment application. The time and date that Minnesota residents can file for unemployment insurance using this service depends on the last digit of their Social Security number for operator availability purposes. But, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays are designated as an “open call-in” period for unemployment applicants who have missed their previous application window for that week.

Other Minnesota Unemployment Registration Factors

When you file for an unemployment claim with UIMN and get accepted to receive benefits, you will not receive those benefits indefinitely. Part of the unemployment registration process, alongside the weekly insurance renewal, is registering for work eligibility in your area. By doing this and applying for full-time work as you receive unemployment insurance benefits, you are basically agreeing that your unemployment insurance is simply a temporary, supplemental financial boost. Your unemployment insurance benefits are active for a limited time only, and you must accept full-time work if it is offered to you while you are receiving unemployment benefits. However, if you lose your job again, you can always file for unemployment a second time as long as you continue to register for work. To learn more about unemployment insurance restrictions, you can download our guide on unemployment benefits here.