How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in Mississippi

Learning how to apply for unemployment online in Mississippi or over the phone is an extremely important tool for state residents who have recently lost their job. Unemployment registration in America can be critical, because it can serve as supplemental or emergency income for vulnerable individuals and families who need help while they search today’s job market for a new career. Many Mississippi residents every year ask, “How can I sign up for unemployment?” after learning about the eligibility requirements for benefits and the advantages of the program. However, the ability to file for unemployment insurance is easy if you have determined your eligibility and prepared all of the proper information ahead of time. This article will review where to sign up for unemployment in Mississippi, and what you will need to prepare in order to do so.

MDES & Unemployment Registration in Mississippi

The governmental organization that determines how to apply for unemployment in Mississippi is called the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES). It is both the location for unemployment registration in the state, as well as the governing body that regulates such insurance and distributes it to qualifying citizens in the form of financial aid. Filing for an unemployment claim is a similar process all across the country – other state-run services like EDD in California also distribute similar benefits to its citizens. But whereas an unemployment EDD application has its own specific numbers and formulae that go into the amount of financial aid California residents can receive, so too does MDES for the citizens of Mississippi. Understanding how to sign up for unemployment insurance as a Mississippi resident is especially important, so it is best to ensure that you only follow instructions regarding the application process.

What do I need for my phone or online application for unemployment in MS?

You should always try to file for unemployment as soon as you possibly can after losing your job/full-time hours. This is because MDES does not consider the first week after you apply to be viable payment days, as they are still processing your application. So, if you sign up for unemployment too late after you lose your job, you will still have to wait yet another week before receiving unemployment insurance benefits.

When you want to apply for unemployment benefits in Mississippi by using MDES, there are a few critical pieces of information and identifying documents that you should prepare before applying. These are:

  • Your personal Social Security number (or your Alien Registration Number if you are not a U.S. citizen) & driver’s license/ID number.
  • You contact information.
  • Your phone number or a phone number for a personal contact.
  • Your bank account/routing numbers (for direct deposit to automatically give you your unemployment insurance benefits).
  • Your detailed W-2 information (company name, contact information, position title, etc.) for all of your previous work engagements over the last 18 months.

When you file for an unemployment claim through MDES, you may also be asked to provide additional information if you might qualify for special supplemental coverage (such as extra aid for ex-military members, or those who have lost their jobs due to a natural/economic disaster). MDES reserves the right to deny unemployment registration to anyone who fails to provide the above listed information or meet eligibility requirements for UI benefits.

How to Apply For Unemployment Online in Mississippi

Most of the time, Mississippi residents cannot prepare for needing to file for unemployment until they have already lost their job all of a sudden, and need financial aid quickly. Luckily, MDES has created two helpful ways to apply for unemployment benefits by using their online portal, and by calling them over the phone. By far the easiest way to complete your unemployment application is by uploading all of your identifying and employment-related documentation onto their own account within the MDES online service. This service helpfully allows you to keep all of your unemployment information in one place. By learning where to apply for unemployment online using an MDES account, you can confidently apply the first time (as well as conveniently submit your weekly claims online in the same place).

How & Where to Register for Unemployment Benefits by Phone in Mississippi

But, if you prefer, you can also complete your unemployment registration over the phone by contacting the MDES customer support. This experience is slightly more complex, as it requires applicants to answer prompts and input their information through button commands and speaking to customer service representatives. Applying for unemployment through the MDES phone service allows you to create a passcode, and also will require you to input your Social Security number as a method of authentication. Also, while those who register for unemployment insurance online are able to do so at any time, MDES phone registration is only available to the general public during normal business hours from Wednesday to Friday. You can complete your phone unemployment registration in MS by calling the appropriate MDES telephone numbers during hours of availability. Because of this difference in convenience, it is still recommended to file for an unemployment claim online in order to get the process done as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions about applying for UI benefits or eligibility requirements, you can download our guide to unemployment insurance today.

After You File for an Unemployment Claim in MS

It is very important to note that on top of your normal unemployment insurance application, MDES may ask you to personally go to the nearest WIN Job Center in order to verify your eligibility, as well as register to work before you can receive any financial aid. If you fail to do so, you may not be able to apply for unemployment benefits until that review is complete.

Additionally, it is important to remember that filing for unemployment insurance is only a temporary solution to the problem of unemployment. Because your unemployment insurance benefits will only last for a limited amount of time before expiring, it is crucial to stay active in looking for full-time employment while you are receiving coverage. Your weekly review claims that you must submit online, over the phone or in person are also looking for this activity – without it, you will most likely lose your coverage. If you are filing an unemployment application, you can download our unemployment insurance guide for more information today.