How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in Montana

Understanding how to apply for unemployment online in Montana or via the other available methods is very important before you begin the application process. If you are wondering, “How can I sign up for unemployment?” it may be because the application process can be confusing if you are not prepared ahead of time. There is a lot of information that must be provided on the application in order to receive unemployment benefits, and having access to important documents ahead of time can greatly reduce the amount of time spent filling out the application. In addition, the in-person or online application for unemployment in MT can be completed much more smoothly if you understand how the process works. To learn how and where to sign up for unemployment benefits, continue reading the sections below.

How can I sign up for unemployment in Montana?

You may be eligible to register for unemployment benefits in Montana if you are an unemployed or underemployed worker who meets the program’s eligibility requirements. When you apply for unemployment benefits, the unemployment insurance payments will only be provided to you if you meet the eligibility requirements in Montana and submit a properly completed application. To complete the application process, you must either fill out an application online or through the phone with a representative on the line. The option you choose depends on your personal preferences.

Preparing to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Montana

The process for how to apply for unemployment online in MT or through any other method will always include the submission of certain information. Before beginning the unemployment insurance application either online or by phone, you must obtain certain documents and research certain information. Having the documentation on hand is very beneficial in order to be prepared to answer the questions over the phone or fill out the information online. In order to properly apply for MT unemployment benefits, you must provide information such as:

  • The full name, address and phone numbers for your previous employers
  • Your current mailing address
  • Your Social Security Number (SSN)

The information needed to file for an unemployment claim changes depending on a few different factors. To apply for MT unemployment benefits, some situations may require that you submit additional information. Learn more about the application process by downloading our free comprehensive guide.

Whether you fill out an online application for unemployment or complete an application by phone, you can decide whether you want your benefits to be administered through direct deposit. This means that the unemployment agency will directly deposit all of your benefits into your personal bank account. To set up direct deposit, you must provide your bank account number and your bank routing number.

If you are not a citizen when you file for unemployment in Montana, you must provide your alien registration card number and its expiration date. This documentation proves that you hold legal status in the United States and that you have the legal right to work in the U.S. as well. When filing for unemployment insurance, you must state whether or not you worked through a union. Union workers complete the same phone or online application for unemployment, but if you used to or currently do work through a union, you must also provide the name and local telephone number for your union hall.

When completing your Montana unemployment registration, you should also state whether or not you are an ex-military member. The application process is exactly the same for ex-military as it is for anyone else, though you must also provide a copy of your DD214 documentation. Additionally, as an ex-military member, you may file for an unemployment claim only after the discharge date shown on your DD214, Member 4 document. There may be additional documents needed where you sign up for unemployment if your previous employment was through the Federal government and you worked as a Federal employee. These pieces of information include your SF8 and your SF50. Learn more about required documents, download our comprehensive guide.

Where to Apply for Unemployment?

It is important to understand where to register for unemployment benefits in Montana once you have decided to apply for unemployment insurance in the state. Those wondering where to apply for unemployment should know that there are two application methods available once applicants meet unemployment eligibility requirements. The online unemployment EDD application in Montana is a secure and simple way to submit your application for benefits. This method requires the same information as the other methods, although it requires that the information is provided through the online website format. When you file your first unemployment claim, you must provide your Social Security Number (SSN) and date of birth. Then, you will create a four-digit PIN to create your online account. Afterward, the system will walk you through the steps for how to apply for unemployment online through the Montana system.

Filing for an unemployment claim in Montana can also be done by phone simply by calling the Unemployment Claims Processing Center in your specific county. The representative on the phone can help you to file for Montana unemployment by assisting you through the application process. The representative can also simply answer questions and provide information on unemployment insurance. When you are completing your unemployment benefits registration, the representative will take your personal information, including your Social Security Number (SSN) and date of birth, as well as information about the dates you worked for your previous employer, the wages you earned and the contact information for that company.

Once you have submitted the by-phone or online application for unemployment, you must wait to receive notice that your MT unemployment registration application was accepted. The amount of time that you must wait in order to know if your application was accepted may vary. Each situation is different, and some applications take longer to be fully reviewed than others. If the claim is denied, you have the right to appeal that decision. If the claim was accepted, you can begin filing biweekly claims for unemployment payments.