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How to Apply for Unemployment in Nebraska

It is very beneficial to know how to apply for unemployment online in NE, especially since that is the only option available for you to apply in the state. The online application for unemployment is quite long and it requires that a lot of information is provided, so understanding what information is needed beforehand and how the unemployment registration process works can be very helpful.

You must gather all the needed information and have the time to complete the process to avoid delays in your benefits. If you are wondering, “How can I sign up for unemployment?” you should continue reading the sections below for more information.

Information Needed to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Nebraska

Before understanding where to sign up for unemployment in Nebraska, you will need to gather certain information that will be necessary during the application. When you file for unemployment, there are many questions to answer and a lot of personal information to provide. In order to be completely prepared to file for an unemployment claim, it is beneficial to have all of the following information on-hand:

  • Social Security Number
  • Email address and phone number
  • Complete home address (including ZIP code and county)
  • Driver’s license number
  • The names of each of the companies you worked for during the last 18 months
  • The start and end dates of your previous employment
  • Your reason for leaving each previous employer
  • The mailing addresses of each previous employer

When understanding where to register for unemployment benefits, you must know that all of the information mentioned above is essential in completing the application. This information is necessary because it not only proves that your identity and allows the agency to know where to reach you and where to send unemployment payments if you are eligible for unemployment. Additionally, after you file for unemployment, the agency will investigate why you are unemployed before they accept you. During the unemployment registration, you will provide your reasoning for why you are no longer with your previous employer, and the Nebraska unemployment agency will often verify that information with your former employer. Furthermore, you must provide the dates that you worked for each company during the last 18 months in order for the agency to have a good understanding of your employment history.

Also, when you file for an unemployment claim, there are certain situations that require you to provide more information in addition to what is listed above. These situations are as follows:

  • If you opt to receive your unemployment payments through direct deposit, you must provide your bank routing number and account number.
  • If you are not a United States citizen, in order to file for an unemployment claim you will need to provide your employment authorization number and its expiration date.
  • If you worked for the federal government within the last 18 months, you will need to provide either a Standard Form 8 or Standard Form 50. In addition, you will need to provide the total amount of wages you earned with the federal employer within the last 18 months along with the time increments in which you were paid.
  • If you were in the military, in order to apply for unemployment online you will need to provide your DD 214 Member 4 form.

Where to Sign Up for Unemployment in Nebraska

Each state has a different policy on where to apply for unemployment in NE, and you must submit an online application for unemployment because there are no other application methods available. This is because the state of Nebraska wants to ensure that you maintain the confidentiality of your personal information and using the internet to file for NE unemployment is the most secure method. However, if you do not have access to the internet or if you have a disability that inhibits you from filling out an application without assistance, you will need to visit you local Nebraska job center for help with the application. Download our helpful guide to learn more about applying online and determining eligibility for unemployment.

How Can I Sign Up for Unemployment in Nebraska?

The process to complete your Nebraska unemployment EDD application is simple and should not take you long to complete. In most cases, when you file for a Nebraska unemployment claim online it will only take around one hour. The full application process includes completing the online registration, your resume and filing out an initial claim.

  1. Online Unemployment RegistrationBefore you can submit an online application for unemployment in Nebraska, you must complete the online registration on the Nebraska unemployment website. This registration process requires you to set up an account along with creating a secure password and five-digit PIN number. The password must be kept safe and secure so that only you have access to your online account and the ability to file your weekly claim. Additionally, the five-digit PIN that you create must also be kept safe since it is used to access claim information through the NE Claim Center automated phone system.
  2. ResumeAfter you have completed the online NE unemployment registration, you will need to create an online resume. In order to successfully apply for unemployment benefits, you must have a current resume submitted to the online website. You have the option of building your resume from scratch on the website or uploading an existing resume that you have already created. Having the resume available online is a great resource that allows potential employers to view your resume and possibly contact you about job opportunities.
  3. Initial claimLastly, you are required to file a new unemployment claim in order to complete your online application for unemployment on the Nebraska unemployment website.

What Happens After you Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Nebraska

Once you know how to apply for unemployment online, and after you have completed the application, you will have to wait to see if you are deemed eligible to receive unemployment payments. Generally, the unemployment application in Nebraska takes around 21 days to be processed starting from the date you filed it. During the processing time, you may be contacted and asked to provide additional information to evaluate your eligibility. In addition, while you wait for your application to be processed, you should file each week for benefits, report any hours and weekly earnings and keep all of your information current. Download our comprehensive guide to unemployment to learn more about how to begin receiving your benefits.