How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in North Dakota

To understand how to apply for unemployment benefits in North Dakota, you should understand your available methods to apply. You can file for unemployment benefits either online or by phone. When doing so, you will need to have information about both yourself and your former employer or employers, to accurately apply for unemployment benefits.

When you apply for unemployment benefits in ND, your claim remains valid for one-year based on the effective date of your claim. Your benefit year refers to this 52-week period. Once you have exhausted your benefits for that benefit year, you will have to wait until the next benefit year to be able to file a new claim in North Dakota. If you receive earnings in another state besides North Dakota and you qualify in that state, you may be able to file a new claim in that state. If you have not used all of your benefits in the benefit year and returned to work, you can file for unemployment by reopening the claim within the same benefit year.

How to Apply for Unemployment Online in North Dakota

If you are wondering where to sign up for unemployment in North Dakota, you may want to know how to apply for unemployment online through Job Service North Dakota’s internal website. You can submit an online application for unemployment from any device that has a secure internet connection. Through the internal website, you can also check the status of your claim or reopen an existing claim. You can also complete your eligibility reviews and see which items are required on the “my to do” list which you can access from the website’s main menu. If you file for an unemployment claim or complete your weekly certification online, you will be assigned a claim or certification number. You will need to save this number for your records, since you may have to reference it often.

How Can I Sign Up for Unemployment by Phone?

Through a claims representative, you can file for unemployment in ND and also check the status of your claim and your eligibility reviews. It is vital to note that if you want to file for unemployment by phone that staff at the Claims Center are only available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time. Job Service North Dakota’s internet application and the automated phone system are also unavailable daily from 10:00 p.m. to midnight Central Time for maintenance, so it is crucial that you apply for unemployment benefits when the systems are available. To learn more about the methods to apply for unemployment and how to apply online, download our helpful guide to unemployment.

What do I need to file for an unemployment claim in North Dakota

Those interested in unemployment compensation should file for North Dakota unemployment registration the same week in which he or she becomes unemployed. The effective date for unemployment claims is the Sunday of the week in which the claim is filed and ends on the following Saturday night. Claims for an unemployment EDD application cannot be backdated to an earlier week or time, so it is essential that all unemployment applications file insurance claims as soon as possible after becoming unemployed.

Once you understand where to register for unemployment benefits, you are ready to file for unemployment in North Dakota, you are going to need a variety of paperwork and they all need to be made available when it comes time to submit your unemployment insurance application. The information unemployment applicants will need on-hand includes:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • The name, address and phone numbers for all employers for whom you worked in the past 18 months, or since your last registration
  • The wages you are willing to accept
  • Proof of military services and wages, if applicable
  • Proof of federal civilian services and wages, if applicable
  • Your alien identification numbers, for non-US citizens, who are authorized to work in the US.

You will be asked to answer specific questions when you file for unemployment in ND about your current address and the dates of your former employment. To ensure that there are no delays in your application, you are required to double check that all of the information you provide is correct and that there are no mistakes.

When unemployment applicants file for unemployment in North Dakota, the state will also ask both you and your employer, or employers, that you have worked for the reason why you are no longer employed. This information will determine if you are indeed eligible to receive unemployment benefits in the state. Depending on the reason for your separation from your former employer and why you are filing for unemployment the claim eligibility process can take up to several weeks to complete. During this time, the Job Service North Dakota is required to allow all the parties involved in the unemployment claim appropriate time to respond to the questions that are asked. Typically, the sooner each party involved responds to questions by Job Service North Dakota, the sooner you will have a decision on your eligibility. Download our comprehensive unemployment guide to understand more about when and where to apply for the benefits your need.

Unemployment EDD Application Determinations in North Dakota

When an unemployment petitioner finally does submit a North Dakota unemployment registration, a determination issued by Job Service North Dakota, which is the official decisions regarding all claims for unemployment insurance, will be sent to the petitioner. Determinations in North Dakota fall into two categories: monetary and non-monetary.

Under monetary determination, you will receive a letter from Job Service North Dakota within five days from the date that you apply for unemployment benefits in the state. If you have earned enough wages, Job Service North Dakota will consider you “monetarily eligible.” The letter will outline the wages reported to you by your employer, or employers, during your base period. If you do not receive a monetary determination letter within two weeks after you file for unemployment in ND, you will need to contact the Job Service North Dakota Claims Center.

If you receive a non-monetary determination after you apply for unemployment benefits, the determination will state whether unemployment benefits are allowed or denied on your claim. Though you may have earned enough money during your base period to qualify for benefits, you can be disqualified for a number of other reasons.