How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in South Dakota

Unemployed workers wondering, “How can I sign up for unemployment insurance (UI) in South Dakota?” may be potential applicants if they meet the eligibility requirements. Learning how to apply for unemployment online and by other methods is beneficial to state residents who need assistance while between jobs. Many unemployed and underemployed workers feel stressed and unsure of what to do after involuntarily losing a job or valuable work hours. Completing an online application for unemployment as soon as a job is lost gives an applicant the best chance to quickly receive financial aid through unemployment insurance. Understanding what information is needed to easily file for an unemployment claim makes the process even faster. Workers should determine where to sign up for unemployment if they have been employed in South Dakota but also other states since a benefit claim can only be filed with one state agency. An applicant can apply for unemployment benefits through the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation. To file for unemployment in the state, potential applicants should review the following information to be prepared for the process.

Information Needed to Apply for Unemployment in South Dakota

Submitting an online application for unemployment begins with ensuring the proper unemployment information is collected and ready for use by an applicant. Workers can learn how to apply for unemployment after gathering this information for the application process. Required information to file an initial claim includes personal data and previous work details. When applying for unemployment, the following personal information should be provided for a benefits application:

  • Full name and address
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s license number or state identification card number
  • Alien registration number, if an applicant is not a U.S. citizen
  • Special forms for ex-military service members and former federal workers

To sign up for unemployment in the state, wage and previous work information should also be provided on an unemployment claim form. For unemployment registration in South Dakota, the past 18 months of employment history should be disclosed on an initial unemployment application. For every employer during this time frame, the following information is needed:

  • Employer name, address and phone number
  • Month and year of employment start and end dates
  • Pay rate and wages earned

Lastly, to file an unemployment EDD application in South Dakota, the reason an applicant is not working with his or her last employer should be explained. When you apply for unemployment benefits eligibility in SB, certain reasons for employment separation can result in the denial of benefits. During the application for unemployment process, the DLR confirms why an applicant lost a job with his or her most recent employer so being truthful and complete when providing this information is important when filing an unemployment claim. Bank information to receive direct deposit benefit payments should also be on hand before completing an unemployment benefits application. This includes the bank routing number and checking or savings account number of the account an applicant would like payments to be deposited into.

How can I sign up for unemployment in South Dakota?

Knowing where to register for unemployment benefits in South Dakota is the first step to apply for temporary financial assistance. Besides the online application for unemployment, applicants can file for benefits through an automated telephone system in South Dakota. Filing online is the simplest and fastest method for obtaining benefits in as little time as possible each week. However, applicants should choose the method that is most convenient for them when filing for benefits. Applying for unemployment by either method requires the same unemployment information to be provided when completing an initial claim form.

Applicants unsure of where to apply unemployment benefits should consider a few different factors before applying for benefits. The unemployment registration requirements in each state may differ, and applicants who have worked in multiple states including South Dakota should analyze the qualifications before filing a claim. Unemployment benefit amounts based on eligibility may be lower in certain states as well. For example, a worker who meets eligibility requirements through California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) and South Dakota’s DLR should consider the benefit amount available in either state. Ultimately, the unemployment EDD application should be filed only if the benefit amount offered in California is higher than the benefit amount offered to an applicant in South Dakota. Learn more about unemployment insurance benefits in our comprehensive national guide.

When to Sign Up for Unemployment Insurance in South Dakota

An online application for unemployment or phone application should be completed as quickly as possible after an applicant loses a job or begins working reduced hours. Filing for unemployment is a process that can leave a worker without any form of income if they do not apply for benefits soon enough after becoming unemployed or underemployed. On the other hand, applicants who apply for benefits right away may still face a period of time when they are not receiving any form of income. In South Dakota, it can take up to a month for UI claimants to receive their first South Dakota unemployment benefit check. When filing for benefits, applicants should keep this period in mind and make a financial plan accordingly.

How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in South Dakota

Both an online application for unemployment and phone application for unemployment require an applicant to provide the same personal and past employer information. To begin applying for unemployment online, an applicant should log in to the state website. The website is available at all times for the convenience of UI beneficiaries. The application for unemployment benefits should be filled out completely and truthfully. Answers to the online application for unemployment questions should be double checked for accuracy before the claim is submitted. Once submitted, a confirmation number will appear on the website. If a confirmation does not appear, then the information has not been successfully submitted and the applicant should restart the claim filing process.

To apply for unemployment by telephone, applicants should dial the automated phone system for the SD UI program. This unemployment registration method is not available 24 hours a day, like the SD UI office website. The phone system is available on weekdays during certain hours but not available on state holidays. Applicants filing by phone should plan a time when they can submit an unemployment claim within the available time frame of the automated system. Additionally, login information must be provided to reach the phone application. When the phone application has been completed and submitted, an applicant will receive a confirmation number to certify that the unemployment claim has successfully been filed. Download our detailed unemployment guide for more information about applying for unemployment benefits

After You File an Unemployment Claim in South Dakota

After filing an unemployment claim, a final determination approving or denying benefits will be mailed to an applicant within three weeks of submitting an initial claim. If the online application for unemployment or phone application was approved, an applicant will receive the Monetary Determination of Benefits, Claimant Checklist and the Facts About Unemployment Insurance Benefits Handbook in the mail. The Monetary Determination of Benefits provides explains the benefit amount an applicant may be eligible for. The Claimant Checklist explains the process of filing a weekly unemployment claim if benefits are approved.