Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Tennessee

“How can I sign up for unemployment in TN?” is a common question asked by unemployed workers who need financial assistance after losing a job or facing reduced hours at work. Workers should learn how to apply for unemployment online if they are unemployed and have previously worked in the state. In Tennessee, the online application for unemployment is a form that can be submitted as soon as employment is lost to ensure benefits are received as quickly as possible. Eligibility for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits should be considered before the application process begins. Determining where to sign up for unemployment is another factor that must be considered if a potential applicant has worked in other states besides Tennessee. A worker can apply for unemployment when she or he thoroughly understands how to file for an unemployment claim as soon as possible.

Information Needed to Apply for Unemployment in Tennessee

An online application for unemployment in Tennessee is provided for unemployed workers by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOL). These workers should have certain information on hand before an initial claim form is begun. Previous employer and personal information is used in an unemployment claim form. Learning how to apply for unemployment online is much easier when a worker secures this information beforehand.

To apply for unemployment, applicants must provide the following personal information on an initial claim form:

  • Full name, address, active email address and telephone number
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Driver’s license number or state identification card number
  • DD-214 Form for ex-military members
  • Special form(s) for former federal workers

Previous employer information must also be provided on an initial unemployment benefit application. Learn more about filing for unemployment and required documents by downloading our free in-depth guide.

To sign up for unemployment in Tennessee, information from an applicant’s last 18 months of employment must be disclosed, including employer contact and wage information. Basic contact information for the most recent separating employer, including the employer name, address, telephone number and fax number must be submitted. Other unemployment application information that should be provided includes the last date worked and the reason for separation from the most recent employer. When an online application for unemployment is being reviewed, the DOL contacts previous employers to verify the reason for separation, so an applicant should be completely truthful when filing for unemployment benefits in the state.

To receive benefit payments by direct deposit after filing for unemployment insurance benefits, an applicant must provide her or his bank information, including a preferred checking or savings account number and bank routing number in an initial claim form.

How can I sign up for unemployment in Tennessee?

The online application for unemployment in TN should be used to apply for unemployment benefits in the state. This method for filing for unemployment is fastest way to receive benefit payments as soon as possible after losing a job. Applicants who do not have access to a computer or the internet can visit a local DOL office or library to use a computer with internet access for free.

Determining where to sign up for unemployment in Tennessee is important for workers who have been employed in the past 18 months in another state. The unemployment registration guidelines should be considered before applying for benefits in any state. If a worker is eligible for benefits from the Employment Development Department (EDD) in California and DOL in Tennessee, she or he should attempt to file an application in the state where the highest amount of benefits will be retained. For example, the unemployment EDD application should be submitted if an applicant would receive higher unemployment payments in California than in Tennessee. When deciding where to apply for unemployment, UI applicants should take careful consideration when choosing what state to apply in, as benefits can only be received from one state, even if eligibility requirements are met in more than one place.

When to Sign Up for Unemployment Insurance in Tennessee

Filing for unemployment in Tennessee should occur as soon as possible after a worker becomes unemployed or underemployed. For unemployed workers who have to pay time-sensitive bills and purchase basic necessities, losing a job creates a heavy financial burden. Filing for benefits right away after losing a job shortens the amount of time a worker may have to go without income. While applicants should receive a determination of benefits a week after an initial claim is filed, acceptance or denial could take up to two or three additional weeks.

When an initial Tennessee unemployment registration is approved, claimants are subject to a waiting week. This is the week after an application is approved where UI recipients must file claims but will not receive monetary payment.

How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Tennessee

To complete the Tennessee online application for unemployment, an applicant should visit the DOL website. Once logged in, an application for benefits may be filled out. The initial claim form asks basic questions about the unemployment status and previous employment information of a worker. Personal information should also be disclosed on the application. Extra income, such as retirement pension, workers’ compensation or severance pay from a previous employer should be reported.

When filling out the online application for benefits, workers should ensure all information is completely accurate and truthful. Providing false information or withholding information is against the law and can result in denial of benefits and criminal prosecution. Erroneous or incomplete information may cause delays in the dispersal of unemployment benefits. When the online application for unemployment in TN is completed, the claim form should be submitted through the Jobs4TN portal.

Ex-military service members, former federal employees and former school system workers may be required to submit additional documents to the DOL UI office by mail.

After You File an Unemployment Claim in Tennessee

When an online application for unemployment in Tennessee has been submitted, workers can expect an initial benefit determination letter in the mail. This letter explains the amount of benefits a worker may be eligible to claim but is not an acceptance or denial of benefits. A second letter should arrive within a few weeks outlining whether an initial claim has been accepted or denied. If an application for unemployment is denied by the DOL, an applicant may file a redetermination request through the UI benefit website or by mail.