How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in Utah

While it is important to know how to apply for unemployment online in Utah, it is equally important to know about any other application methods that may be available to you. In addition to the phone and online application for unemployment, you should learn when to submit an application, what information you will need to complete your unemployment application and how to register for an online account. If you are wondering, “How can I sign up for unemployment benefits?” you must make sure you meet UI eligibility requirements before starting the application process. You can be better prepared to file for unemployment with knowledge about the program and program requirements to simplify and expedite the Utah unemployment insurance benefits process. For more information on how and where to sign up for unemployment benefits from the Utah Department of Workforce Services, you can review the sections that below.

When to File for an Unemployment Claim in Utah

It is important to know how to apply for unemployment benefits in Utah, but it is also crucial that you know when you should apply for unemployment benefits. The Utah Workforce Services recommends that you file for unemployment as soon as possible after losing your job or experiencing a reduction of hours in order to avoid a delay in your unemployment benefits. It is also important that you submit your weekly claims, even if your eligibility is still being determined or if the submission for the unemployment application process is still pending.

Information Needed for an Unemployment EDD Application in Utah

You should know how to apply for unemployment through either method offered by the Utah Department of Workforce Services. Whichever method you choose to sign up for unemployment benefits, you need to provide the same amount of information alongside your application. If you are wondering, “How can I sign up for unemployment in Utah?” then you should start by familiarizing yourself with the application process and gathering together all of the necessary information for an unemployment application. An unemployment application will require:

  • Your Social Security Number.
  • Your driver’s license or state identification card number.
  • The names of all previous employers as they appear on your pay stub, along with the dates that you worked for those employers for the past year.
  • The name and local number of your union, if you obtained work through a union

If you need to apply for unemployment benefits, it is important to understand that, by submitting your claim, you are giving consent to all of your recent employers that they may release information to the Utah Workforce Services in order to determine your eligibility for UI benefits. Should you fail to provide all of your employer information to Workforce Services, you can risk a rejection of benefits.

If you lived in another state, you may be able to sign up for unemployment registration in your previous state of residence if all your employers were not from Utah. If you had some non-Utah employers in the past year, you will be required to provide their mailing address and telephone number. Additionally, if you are not a United States citizen, you are required to provide your Alien Registration Number. On average, your initial application may take 30 minutes to complete.

To learn more about the requirements to sign up for unemployment payments, you can download our in-depth guide to unemployment insurance.

Falsifying Information When You File for Unemployment in Utah

While knowing where to apply for unemployment in Utah is important, it is crucial you understand the importance of providing accurate information on your unemployment application. Falsifying information on an unemployment EDD application is fraud, and is handled very seriously in the state of Utah. In Utah, the most common cause of fraud involves failing to report earnings while filing for benefits or not accurately reporting the reason that you became unemployed or are not working. Penalties for fraud can include repaying the benefits, but the Workforce Services can require at least repayment for twice the amount paid. Other penalties for fraud when applying for unemployment benefits include:

  • Denial of future unemployment benefits for up to 49 weeks.
  • Wage garnishment and tax interception.
  • Criminal prosecution, including court fines, community service, incarceration and probation.
  • Publication of conviction.

With such severe consequences, it is important that the information you provide when you apply for unemployment benefits is accurate to the best of your knowledge and that you do not delegate your application or weekly filing to anyone else, even a spouse.

Where to Register For Unemployment Benefits in Utah

If you want to sign up for unemployment in Utah, you can visit the Utah Workforce registration website or call the Utah Workforce Claims Center. In order to understand how to apply for unemployment online in Utah, it is first important to know how to create an online account. Even if you do not choose to apply for unemployment benefits online, there are a variety of advantages involved with having an account. For example, you can file unemployment claims online for faster processing. You will also have ability to change your payment method between direct deposit and prepaid debit card options. Completing online unemployment registration also comes with the benefit of being able to review your unemployment insurance benefit payment history and review when you are required to submit your next claim. When creating an account for the first time, you will be given the option of beginning the process from another sign on account such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Utah ID.

Knowing how to apply for unemployment online in Utah can provide you with several benefits. While an online application for unemployment will require the same information as one submitted over the phone, online applications are often far faster and will require that you to complete online registration. Keep in mind that an online unemployment application is not submitted until you receive a confirmation number and that if the application remains in an idle state for too long, you may lose your application progress.

Now that you know how to apply for unemployment online in Utah, it is important to be aware of an additional application method that is available to you. Should you prefer to speak with a Workforce Services representative, you can instead apply over the phone. While an online application for unemployment is generally faster than one that is done over the phone, applying over the phone gives you the advantage of being able to ask any additional questions that you may have. To learn more about the application for unemployment benefits, you can download our unemployment insurance guide now.