How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in Washington

You may be wondering how to apply for unemployment online in Washington if you qualify for unemployment insurance. The WA online application for unemployment is only one of the ways that you can apply for unemployment. Before you apply for unemployment benefits, you should make sure that you meet the requirements for unemployment insurance. Not everyone who is unemployed will be eligible to receive unemployment benefits from the state of Washington. To get answers to “How can I sign up for unemployment benefits?” review the information in the sections below. You can discover how to apply for benefits, what documents are needed to apply and where to apply, as well as the information required on the application and the different application methods and more, refer to the sections below.

Documents Needed to File for Unemployment

When you file for unemployment in Washington, there are documents that you will need to provide. No matter how you file for an unemployment claim in WA, all of the documents listed in this section are needed to make a valid claim. You will need to know your social security number. Any unemployment registration that does not include a social security number will be accepted. You must include your name and birthdate on the unemployment EDD application, along with your contact information. Contact information can be your mailing address, phone number and/or your email address. Your highest level of education must be included as well. Before you make an unemployment claim, you will need to compile a list of all of the names and mailing addresses of the employers that you have worked for within the past 18 months. This unemployment application must include all of your part-time and temporary jobs as well. Note that if you worked for more than 16 employers in this timeframe, you will have to file your claim over the phone. On this list of employers for applying for unemployment, you must also include the dates that you worked for each employer. In the case that you do not remember the exact dates of your employment, include your best estimate. Note that the online application for unemployment system will not allow you to put in dates that are in the future. So, if you are still working for a company, list the last day that you worked before you applied for your benefits.

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In the case that you receive work through a union, you will need to include the name of the union, along with the local number of the union. When filing for an unemployment claim as a person who was in the military within the last 18 months, you will need to include a DD-214 form and any member copy, 2 through 8. You will need to add a Standard Form 8 to your registration for unemployment if you were a federal employee in the past 18 months. In this case, you are not required to provide a Standard Form 50 when you file for unemployment, but it will help your application be processed more quickly. Along with the aforementioned items needed to file for an unemployment claim, you will need to include your citizenship status. If you are not a citizen of the United States of America, you will need to include your work authorization information.

When applying for unemployment online, you will need to decide if you would like to be paid through direct deposit. If you do, you will need to include your account number and routing number for your bank or credit union in order to receive payment this way.

How to File for Unemployment

If you are wondering where to sign up for unemployment in Washington, there are two different ways that you can sign up. You can file for unemployment in WA over the phone or on the internet. There is no way to file a claim in person in the state of Washington. If you are completing your unemployment registration online, you will need to use the eServices portal. It is available 24 hours a day. Filing for unemployment online is the recommended way to file a claim. It is typically a lot faster than applying by phone. Note that if you are completing the online application for unemployment, you must do so on a laptop or desktop computer. It cannot be completed on a cellphone or mobile device. If you do not have a computer, you can use one at the WorkSource center.

In order to apply for unemployment benefits online, you will need to sign into eServices. Before you can complete the unemployment registration, you need to create a SecureAccess Washington or SAW account. If you already have an SAW account that was created for another state service, it can still be used for this application. The first time that you log in to the account, you will be asked to verify your identity. If you do not answer the questions correctly, you will not be allowed to log in.

If your unemployment application is submitted successfully, you will be led to a confirmation page and also receive an email confirmation. It is important to note that the online system will automatically log you out after 15 minutes of use, so you need to save your information often.

If your choice of where to register for unemployment benefits is to do so by phone, there are certain hours when that can be done. The Employment Security Department of Washington State will only accept unemployment EDD applications over the phone from 8 am to 4 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This does not include holidays. If you file the claim later in the week, it will not affect your benefits.

If you decide to file for unemployment over the phone, expect to have long wait times. The agents in the claim center work with the electronic correspondences on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so you should only call during the aforementioned times.

The phone system hangs up if you are inactive for a short period of time, so make sure that you have all of the aforementioned documents ready and available.

Filing for Unemployment if You are Moving or Have Moved

You may wonder where to apply for unemployment in Washington if you if you are moving out of the state. You may file for an unemployment claim in WA as long as some of your wages were earned in Washington State. If you also worked in other states, you may receive more benefits if you combine those wages. If you are collecting unemployment benefits in Washington, you will need to register for work in your new state once you move.

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