How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in West Virginia

Learning how to apply for unemployment online in West Virginia is essential to obtaining unemployment insurance (UI) benefits from the Unemployment Compensation Division. “How can I sign up for unemployment?” is an important question to answer for residents who need financial assistance after losing employment. Before you apply for unemployment benefits, familiarize yourself with the many steps, necessary documents and requirements of the application process. By learning about eligibility requirements and preparing for unemployment insurance application process by gathering necessary documents, you can do your best prevent delays or denials of your application. It is necessary to file for unemployment successfully to receive Virginia unemployment insurance benefits. If you complete the unemployment registration steps and are approved, you will be awarded UI benefits in the form of weekly payments. Such payments are designed to alleviate the financial stress of being unemployed as you focus your efforts on finding a new job. To learn where to sign up for unemployment and other application tips, you can review the sections below for more details.

Information to Know Before You File for Unemployment in West Virginia

Before learning where to register for unemployment benefits, it is advisable to learn about the West Virginia Unemployment Compensation Division and unemployment insurance program. When you file for unemployment, your application is reviewed by the Division to determine whether you are eligible for the UI program. Those who apply for unemployment insurance and receive approval get temporary compensation for lost wages. Eligibility requirements for UI are established at a federal level, although they can also be specific to each state. After you submit the online application for WV unemployment, the Unemployment Compensation Division is responsible for reviewing your application to determine your eligibility, in addition to distributing UI benefit payments.

Before Beginning an Online Application for Unemployment in West Virginia

Prepare to file your online application for unemployment by registering for employment service with WorkForce West Virginia as a job seeker. To file for an unemployment claim, you are first required to enroll with WorkForce West Virginia job service online, though select branch offices may take phone enrollments.Dedicated to helping workers who file for unemployment, WorkForce West Virginia is a job center that offers services like work search help, job skills training, work opportunity listings and more. When you need to apply for unemployment in West Virginia, the WorkForce unemployment center can help you find suitable work opportunities. Before discover where to apply for unemployment, you should learn more about eligibility and unemployment insurance benefits to see if they are the right type of assistance for you.

How can I sign up for unemployment benefits in West Virginia?

You can begin your official online unemployment benefits application after registering for job service with WorkForce West Virginia. To file for an unemployment claim, you must complete the UI application online. The online application for unemployment will ask for information about you and your job history, including:

  • Your Social Security Number and contact information.
  • The name, contact information and employment dates of recent jobs.
  • The name and contact information of any union hiring hall of which you are a member, if applicable.
  • Information about your reason(s) for unemployment.

Before you apply for unemployment benefits in West Virginia online, you should make sure have all this information available. Once you have started to apply for UI benefits online, you must submit the completed application in the same session–otherwise, your information will not be saved and you will have to begin the application process again.

How Can I Sign Up for Partial Unemployment Benefit in West Virginia?

The process for how to apply for unemployment online is slightly different if you are partially unemployed. Partial unemployment means your work hours are severely reduced due to not enough work from your employer. You may apply for partial unemployment benefits if you receive a Low Earnings Report from your employer.

Before you start your online application for partial unemployment, submit your Low Earnings Report to your local WorkForce West Virginia office in person or through the mail. File for partial unemployment within 10 days of receiving a low earnings report in order to receive all the benefits to which you are entitled. You can learn more about unemployment through our unemployment insurance guide here.

What to Expect After Filing for an Unemployment Claim in West Virginia

After submitting your online application for unemployment, you will receive a form from a WorkForce West Virginia agency regarding your earnings eligibility for UI insurance. Based on your unemployment EDD application information, the form tells you how much you can expect from weekly benefits. If you have earned sufficient wages during recent employment to qualify for UI benefits, the box “eligible” will be checked.

However, your application for unemployment benefits is not necessarily approved even if you have received a notice of sufficient wages. After you file for unemployment, WorkForce West Virginia will also consider your reason for being separated from your job. Your application could be disqualified if you quit your job voluntarily or were discharged for misconduct. When you file for an unemployment claim, WorkForce West Virginia will also consider your current availability to work. To register for unemployment successfully, you must be mentally and physically prepared to accept suitable employment.

How to File a Weekly Online Application for Unemployment in West Virginia

After you file for an unemployment claim in West Virginia successfully, you must file an extension application every week to maintain your eligibility. To file for unemployment renewal every week, you must satisfy weekly eligibility criteria. West Virginia unemployment insurance law requires you to actively search for work and submit a weekly claim with information about employers you have contacted and jobs you have applied for.

When filing your weekly application for UI renewal, you must report any earnings for the week from part-time, temporary or self-employment. Your application for UI benefits must also include any income from vacation, holiday or severance pay. Before you apply for unemployment, find out more about the unemployment insurance program and program requirements by downloading our guide to unemployment benefits today.