How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in Wyoming

Wyoming workers wondering how to apply for unemployment online in Wyoming should be aware of their multiple options for filing. In addition to the online application for unemployment benefit submission, workers have the choice to give unemployment information over the telephone by contacting the Wyoming claims center.

If you are wondering, “How can I sign up for unemployment?” you have several options in Wyoming. Deciding where to sign up for unemployment will depend on your time constraints and preferences as well as if you have any disabilities, which limit your application methods. Whether you file for an unemployment claim online or over the phone, Wyoming workers need to supply information about their work history and earnings. After applicants file for unemployment in Wyoming the first time, they will receive a notice informing them how much, if any, they may receive in unemployment benefits. Then, to continue to receive benefits, claimants must submit follow-up payment claims every other week.

Before You File for Unemployment Benefits in Wyoming

Before you learn where to register for unemployment benefits, become familiar with the Wyoming unemployment insurance (UI) program. Your application for unemployment benefits is more likely to have a favorable outcome if you understand the rules and regulations associated with Wyoming unemployment insurance.

When you apply for unemployment benefits, the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services handles your claim. Your application for unemployment benefits is processed and evaluated by the department according to standards set forth by the federal government. For your application to be approved, you must be unemployed involuntarily through no fault of your own.

If your unemployment EDD application is approved, the department will award you unemployment benefits. After you successfully file for unemployment benefits in Wyoming, you will receive weekly payments designed to partially compensate your lost wages as you seek new employment. The search for new employment is your job until you find permanent, full-time employment when you participant in the unemployment insurance program.

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How Can I Sign Up for Unemployment Benefits in Wyoming?

You should decide where to apply for unemployment in Wyoming before you begin your application process. There are two options to apply in your state.

The first option is to file an online application for unemployment with the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services through the InetClaims system. The second option for filing for an unemployment claim is to file over the telephone by contacting the Wyoming Claims Center.

Whether you conduct your unemployment EDD application online or over the phone, you will need to supply the following information:

  • Your name, contact information and Social Security Number (SSN)
  • The name, contact information and employment dates for your most recent employer
  • The name, contact information and employment dates for any employers you worked for outside of Wyoming during the last 18 months

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What to Expect After You Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Wyoming

After you apply for unemployment benefits, the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services will contact your most recent employer. The Department will ask questions about your application for unemployment, including a request for information about the reasons your employer terminated your employment contract. Based on the information your employer provides, the Department will decide to approve or deny your application.

If your application for unemployment is denied, you will receive a statement that informs you why you were not approved for benefits. On the other hand, if your UI application is approved, you will receive an unemployment insurance monetary determination form in the mail. The notice will inform you how much you can expect to receive in unemployment insurance benefits. If you notice any errors on your Determination, you should contact the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services immediately to make corrections.

After filing your unemployment benefit application in Wyoming, learn more about what to expect.

How Can I File for Unemployment Weekly Payments in Wyoming?

Once your phone or online application for unemployment in Wyoming has been approved, file a new claim every two weeks to continue to receive UI payments. After your initial unemployment registration application is filed, continue to file follow-up requests for payment claims online, over the telephone or through the mail on a bi-weekly basis.

To file for unemployment payment follow-up requests every other week, use the Personal Identification Number (PIN) assigned to you by the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services when your initial application was approved. File for an unemployment claim payment online using the InetClaims system. Alternatively, you can file over the telephone using the Department’s Interactive Voice Response system. If you cannot file online or over the telephone, you may file by mailing your bi-weekly application to the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Unemployment Insurance Division. To be considered on time, your bi-weekly UI payment request must be submitted between the Sunday and Friday of the week after the second week for which you are claiming payments.

In your bi-weekly application for UI payments, provide detailed and accurate information. When filing a request for UI payments in Wyoming, answer questions about topics such as:

  • The number of hours worked and wages earned, if any, from part-time employment during the two weeks for which you are filing for UI payments
  • Wages earned from self-employment work, sick pay, vacation pay or other income during the two weeks for which you are filing for payments
  • Whether you contacted two or more employers or refused any job offers during these two weeks
  • Whether you traveled for more than two days for purposes not related to work

Get instructions on filing for UI payments every week by downloading our authoritative guide for UI claimants in Wyoming. Our unemployment benefits application guide breaks down the processes of filing an initial claim and filing follow-up payments every subsequent two weeks. With support from our unemployment application guide, you will be prepared to file both your initial application and follow-up claims successfully.