Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance in Arkansas

Arkansas Eligibility for unemployment benefits is primarily based upon your current status as being unemployed, specifically through no fault of your own. Knowing the answer to “what are the requirements to get unemployment in AR?” can help you to expedite your benefits claim when you require financial assistance after losing your job. Unemployment insurance eligibility is determined by a number of factors that must be explained within your application for benefits, including when you became unemployed and under what circumstances. While the qualifications for unemployment state that you must be unemployed through no fault of your own, there can be a case-by-case determination of eligibility even if you quit your job or were fired. Unemployment eligibility in Arkansas also specifies that you cannot be participating in or directly interested in a labor dispute. Since the Unemployment Insurance Program is run jointly between the federal government and state governments, state rules and requirements can all differ. To learn the details you need to know about the Unemployment Insurance Program, review the information in the sections below.

What are the requirements to get unemployment in Arkansas?

Knowing who qualifies for unemployment in Arkansas can help you when it comes time to apply for benefits. To qualify for unemployment benefits in AR, you must meet certain standards set by the federal government for all unemployment beneficiaries nationwide. To get unemployment insurance, first, you must be unemployed through no fault of your own. During the application process, you will be required to identify all past employers from the previous 18 months and include the reason for separation from employment. How to qualify for unemployment benefits in Arkansas will be based on that information provided in your application and the verification of that information by your employers themselves. Be sure to provide accurate information on your application since federal government resources will be used to confirm your claims related to employment and identity.

Eligibility for EDD in AR also depends on your physical and mental capability to obtain and maintain full-time work. If you do not meet this eligibility requirement for unemployment, you might instead meet other benefits programs requirements if you are unable to work due to physical or mental incapacity.

Additionally, unemployment insurance eligibility requires that you actively seek full-time work and that you are ready and willing to immediately begin suitable work should you find it and be offered a job. For this unemployment benefits requirement, you must prove that you are actively searching for work by logging a certain number of job contacts for every week that you file a benefits claim.

The work search eligibility requirement for unemployment is vital to maintaining your eligibility for unemployment benefits, so be sure you not only do the searches and make the required contacts but also carefully record every job contact so you have documented proof of your eligibility over time.

Work Search Unemployment Requirements in Arkansas

A vital Arkansas unemployment eligibility requirement is the work-search requirement. If you receive unemployment benefits in AR, you must prove that you are proactively looking for full-time employment. This requirement means that you must make a specified number of job contacts for each week that you file a benefits claim. Additionally, you are required to have documented proof of those contacts in case you are audited, which you can be at any point during the time you claim benefits.

Arkansas unemployment insurance specifically requires you to provide proof of your job contacts in the 13th or the 19th week of benefits receipt, depending on the notice you are served if you are still claiming benefits at that time. Even if your unemployment insurance eligibility is not audited, you will be required to provide this proof at the designated time.

Any hours you work during an unemployment benefits claim period must be reported in your biweekly claim form. You will not immediately lose your eligibility for unemployment by working part-time, but you are required to report every hour worked, for whom and for what wages.

Unemployment insurance benefits are designed to assist you financially while you seek full-time employment, even if you currently have part-time employment. With these weekly unemployment insurance benefits, the program is designed to help you continue to pay your bills and contribute to the local economy even while searching for full-time work.

As proof of your continued eligibility for unemployment benefits and to demonstrate that you are meeting your weekly job contact requirement, be sure to log every job search activity. Proving your continued eligibility for benefits can be done by documenting the following:

  • Any role that you apply for, including details of the position and company
  • The way you applied for the job
  • The person you sent your application to, include the person’s contact information, such as an email address or a telephone number so your application could be confirmed in an audit if necessary
  • The result of your application submission

Your unemployment insurance eligibility can be maintained if you are continuing your education or partaking in professional training courses approved by your local workforce office. Your eligibility for unemployment will also not be affected if you are job-attached, meaning you will be rehired by your former employer within 16 weeks of your unemployment or that your local union hall will be finding you new employment.

The work-search unemployment requirement might not apply to you if you are in either of the aforementioned categories. Your local Arkansas unemployment benefits office can assist you if you have any questions, and they can also provide information on qualified training opportunities, which can be a vital part of searching for a new job.

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Proving Unemployment Eligibility in Arkansas

Proving that you still have eligibility for Arkansas unemployment benefits requires you to still meet the basic requirements of being unemployed totally or mostly, of actively seeking work, of being ready and willing to take suitable work immediately, and of being physically and mentally capable to work full-time.

The qualifications for unemployment remain the same throughout the lifetime of your benefits claim, so you must maintain documentation throughout that time to prove your eligibility. Remember to log your work-search efforts with full details of all of your job contacts.

The job search is a central part of how to qualify for unemployment. Always remember that your unemployment benefits are a short-term assistance solution while you seek full-time employment and that your claim will eventually expire.

Proving your eligibility for unemployment must be done every time you submit a claim for benefits, so ensure you can do so whenever you request payment. Unemployment benefits are not automatically paid based on an assumption of eligibility, you must proactively make an eligible claim.

You will lose your eligibility for unemployment once you become employed full-time again. If you no longer require unemployment benefits payments because you secure full-time work, you can submit your weekly claim form with your new employer’s information in the section called “return to work.”

Download our comprehensive guide for more information on unemployment insurance eligibility requirements.