Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance in Indiana

You must satisfy certain Indiana eligibility for unemployment requirements to qualify for benefits through the state’s unemployment insurance (UI) program. When asking, “What are the requirements to get unemployment in IN?” you should be aware that the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) relies on requirements to determine whether you should receive weekly unemployment insurance payments.

To evaluate who qualifies for unemployment, the Indiana DWD considers the following:

  • The reason you were separated from unemployment
  • The amount of wages you earned during the eligibility period
  • Whether you are ready, able and actively looking for new employment

To satisfy the unemployment insurance eligibility requirements in Indiana, you must have been separated employment for reasons that were not your fault. You must also meet income qualifications for unemployment in the state and be actively searching for full-time employment opportunities. To learn more about who qualifies for unemployment in Indiana, continue reading the information below.

What You Need to Know about Unemployment Insurance Eligibility in Indiana

Knowing how to qualify for unemployment in Indiana involves being familiar with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD). Eligibility for EDD in IN, which is more commonly referred to as unemployment insurance, is determined by the DWD.

The Indiana DWD assesses unemployment insurance eligibility to decide whether you are eligible for the Indiana unemployment insurance program. The state UI program offers workers who meet qualifications for unemployment requirements temporary financial assistance as they search for new employment opportunities. The program is funded by unemployment taxes paid by Indiana employers. The goal of unemployment insurance in Indiana is to minimize the strain of unemployment on the state economy and community.

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What Are the Requirements to Get Unemployment in Indiana?

You may meet eligibility for unemployment insurance requirements in Indiana if you lost your job for reasons beyond your control. To satisfy unemployment insurance eligibility criteria, reasons for separation could include:

  • Your employer conducted layoffs
  • Your health or safety were endangered at work
  • You experienced harassment at work
  • You were required to relocate because of a spouse’s new employment
  • You were required to relocate because of military service

To meet state eligibility for unemployment conditions, you must also have been employed in Indiana during a recent, specific period. Indiana unemployment insurance eligibility requirements dictate that you must have earned a minimum amount of wages during the months for which you are applying for benefits.

Finally, eligibility for DWD benefits require you to be ready, able and actively searching for new, full-time employment. To meet unemployment insurance eligibility criteria in Indiana, you must be physically and mentally prepared and available to accept a suitable job. You must also be conducting a job hunt that is considered likely to result in new job for a worker in the same or comparable employment situation as you.

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How to Maintain Eligibility for Unemployment in Indiana

Even after your Indiana eligibility for unemployment has been approved, you are required to perform certain job hunt steps to maintain eligibility. To maintain unemployment insurance eligibility in Indiana, submit a claim voucher every week after beginning the initial application process. Vouchers may be submitted online from your own computer or at an Indiana WorkOne office.

Claim vouchers certify that you continue to meet eligibility for unemployment conditions by performing weekly job hunt actions. To satisfy UI eligibility job hunt requirements, you must be performing job hunt actions that would be likely to lead to new employment for a job seeker in a work situation that is the same or comparable to yours. Examples of qualifying job hunt actions include submitting a job application for an appropriate position, responding to suitable job listings or participating in a computer, job skills, interview or resume workshop.

To continue to meet eligibility for unemployment requirements in Indiana, keep records of your weekly job hunt actions. To prove your continued unemployment insurance eligibility, you may be asked to show your job hunt records to the DWD.

Maintaining eligibility for unemployment in Indiana also requires you to visit a WorkOne office after your fourth week of receiving UI payments. The visit purpose is to ensure you continue to meet qualifications for unemployment according to Indiana DWD rules. During your appointment, attend an orientation and review your job hunting reports with a WorkOne office representative.

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Reasons that Would Disqualify Your Eligibility for Unemployment in Indiana

If you do not meet and maintain eligibility for unemployment, you may be disqualified from receiving benefits.

For example, you may not be considered someone who qualifies for unemployment if you voluntarily terminated your employment without just cause or for reasons that do not have to do with your employer. You may also be disqualified from unemployment insurance eligibility in Indiana if you were fired for reasons such as misconduct, frequent unexcused lateness or absenteeism, conviction and imprisonment for a crime or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs at work. You may also fail to meet qualifications for unemployment if you take money in exchange for terminating your employment.

If you initially meet unemployment eligibility requirements in Indiana, you could still risk disqualification if you fail to meet job hunt requirements. For instance, you may lose your eligibility for unemployment status if you fail to complete three job hunt activities each week. You could also be disqualified for neglecting to provide required details or submitting misleading information with your weekly claim voucher.

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