Kentucky Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Residents interested in understanding if they meet Kentucky eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits should familiarize themselves with how Kentucky processes applications and on what criteria the state awards unemployment benefits. What are the requirements to get unemployment insurance in KY? Unemployment insurance eligibility requirements in Kentucky may be met by adults who have worked and paid taxes over a period of time in the last 18 months and who have recently found themselves without gainful employment. More specific requirements concern the nature of the applicant’s separation from previous employers, employment sector and more. Some characteristics may automatically disqualify an applicant from meeting necessary qualifications for unemployment benefits. Keep reading to learn more about who qualifies for unemployment insurance in the state of Kentucky.

Unemployment Insurance Eligibility Requirements and Regulations in Kentucky

Kentucky eligibility criteria for unemployment insurance benefits is overseen by The Kentucky Department for Employment Services (KDES) and more specifically by the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training (OET). Another important organization that helps applicants understand how to qualify for unemployment benefits is the Kentucky Career Center (KCC), which can also help applicants find career opportunities and take training courses. The Kentucky OET and DES receive federal funding to help run state unemployment social service programs. Applicants must meet both state and federal eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits, like applicants seeking eligibility for EDD in California or in other states, because the KDES and its initiatives receive federal funding.

To be eligible for KY unemployment insurance benefits, applicants must meet be someone who is ready and willing to work. This means that the applicant who hopes to qualify for unemployment benefits is actively seeking employment through all available state and local resources. A productive way for applicants to meet this unemployment insurance eligibility requirement is by registering the with employment services at his or her closest OET or KCC office. The aforementioned eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits can be completed in the first week after submitting an application, as this is the mandatory waiting period in which applicants will not receive monetary aid in any event. Exceptions to this rule are available to applicants in certain emergency situations.

To be eligible for unemployment benefits in Kentucky, applicants must also have worked for at least two of the last five financial quarters, earning a minimum of 30 times the applicant’s weekly benefit amount. The applicant must have been laid off from their jobs at no fault of their own. An eligible applicant for unemployment benefits should be able to demonstrate that he or she did not leave his or her previous job by voluntary choice or because of being fired for misbehavior. It is essential that an applicant who qualifies for unemployment benefits in KY be able to provide evidence of the reason for his or her parting from their previous company, in case the employer disagrees with the applicant’s claim for benefits and chooses to file an appeal. In this situation, an official will review the applicant’s eligibility for unemployment benefits based on all information available to the state and come to a decision about the applicant’s qualifications for unemployment. If the applicant does not pertain to a group who is disqualified from meeting unemployment insurance eligibility requirements, he or she should receive a notification concerning the agency’s decision within a maximum of one month from the date of receipt. Find more about what may disqualify an applicant for unemployment insurance eligibility below.

Disqualifying Eligibility Qualifications for Unemployment Insurance Benefits in Kentucky

Beyond not meeting the eligibility criteria for unemployment insurance benefits as outlined above, applicants for employment assistance may be disqualified from aid entirely or for short periods of time. For example, failing to regularly or correctly submit a weekly claim for benefits can make an applicant fail to meet eligibility standards for unemployment benefits in Kentucky. Similarly, applicants will not be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits who do not apply for available employment opportunities or demonstrate doing so on their weekly claims.

Other reasons an applicant may not meet unemployment insurance eligibility requirements include:

  • Being unemployed due to a labor dispute with an employer currently offering employment.
  • Filing for unemployment benefits in another state.
  • Receiving other social assistance in Kentucky, like disability or veterans’ benefits.
  • Receiving worker’s compensation benefits for a temporary or permanent total disability.

Another group that is prohibited from qualifying for unemployment benefits are educational professionals like teachers, bus drivers and administrators seeking benefits in between school terms. Other groups that fail to meet eligibility for unemployment criteria in Kentucky include self-employed applicants, illegal aliens, those claiming a lack of childcare or transportation as their primary impediment to finding work and applicants who have placed unreasonable expectations on acceptable employment positions.

For more details on unemployment insurance disqualifications, download our comprehensive guide.

Requirements to Maintain KY Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits

To remain eligible for unemployment benefits in Kentucky, recipients of unemployment assistance should continue to follow initial eligibility guidelines as outlined during the application process. Fraudulent claims used to meet KY eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits will disqualify a recipient from receiving benefits, require the repayment of funds received and may even result in legal action. When an applicant has been deemed eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, he or she will have the option of receiving gross sum or a net sum that has already had state and federal taxes removed.

As mentioned previously, continued unemployment insurance eligibility is dependent on the regular and correct submission of weekly benefits claims by applicants that attest to his or her adherence to the benefit program regulations. Recipients maintaining qualifications for unemployment are required to apply to at least two jobs per week and participate in at least one other employment related activity such as skills training or networking. The KCC offers several training and education opportunities to recipients eligible for unemployment benefits that can help recipients maintain their benefits as long as needed while preparing for secure employment.

Download our comprehensive guide for more details on unemployment insurance eligibility.