Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance in Missouri

Eligibility for unemployment in Missouri is based on a number of different factors in the state of Missouri. Many workers may ask, “What are the requirements to get unemployment in MO?” especially if they have just lost their jobs. The primary factor for determining unemployment insurance eligibility involves the condition under which you were terminated from your job. In addition, there are certain other factors including your ability to work and your unemployment history that affect your ability to receive unemployment insurance in Missouri. To learn more about these the qualifications for unemployment in Missouri and how to meet these requirements in the state, continue reading the sections below.

Requirements for Unemployment in Missouri

Who qualifies for unemployment in Missouri may be different from who qualifies for these benefits in other states. How to qualify for unemployment in MO may be different from the procedures in other states because each individual state administers its own unemployment benefits program, often with different requirements involved. However, the Federal government does have overarching guidelines for unemployment compensation in America as a whole that each state must adhere to. One of the qualifications to maintain eligibility for EDD in Missouri is that you must have received a certain amount of wages during your employment time. The amount of wages that were received during a specific amount of time will determine the amount of compensation you receive if you have been deemed eligible for unemployment insurance. Furthermore, another of the requirements to get unemployment is that you must have been employed for a certain amount of time in Missouri.

Who Qualifies for Unemployment in Missouri?

Eligibility for unemployment in Missouri requires that an application process must be fulfilled. Because of how much time the application can take, it is very important to know how to qualify for unemployment in MO and generally determine if you meet the requirements for unemployment in Missouri before beginning the entire application process. Familiarizing yourself with the unemployment insurance eligibility requirements is important because application can be very long and intensive, and it usually requires a lot of information to be provided. There are certain factors that can automatically disqualify you from meeting the unemployment insurance requirements, and understanding those beforehand can save you a lot of time in filling out applications if you know ahead of time that you likely cannot qualify.

In order to maintain eligibility for EDD benefits in MO, you must be unemployed by no fault of your own. There are a few different scenarios for losing your job that are acceptable and allow you to qualify for Missouri unemployment benefits. It is crucial to understand, however, that every situation will be verified via computer and/or contact with the previous employer. Because of this, you must be sure to only provide truthful information to the Missouri Department of Labor.

The process of how to qualify for unemployment in Missouri involves the nature of your termination from your job. You may qualify for benefits if you lost your job under one of the following conditions:

Being fired

Most people believe that if you were fired from your job, you will not be eligible for MO unemployment compensation. However, this is not always the case. If you were fired for reasons that were completely out of your control you can still be eligible for unemployment. These reasons include if you were not a good fit for the company or if your position was eliminated from the company.

Being Laid off

You can maintain eligibility for unemployment insurance if you lost your job because your company decided to lay you off due to corporate spending cuts or their inability to afford to staff your position.

Getting demoted

There are also situations where you can be eligible to receive partial unemployment benefits even if you are not completely unemployed. Receiving a demotion can also be a qualifying factor for receiving partial unemployment compensation in Missouri. For example, if your hours were reduced from a full-time schedule to a part-time schedule, and you are now struggling to pay your finances, you may have a case to file for partial unemployment.

Let go because of an illness or injury

If you lost your job because of an illness or injury that interfered with your ability to fulfill your job role, you may meet the qualifications for unemployment insurance. However, your Missouri eligibility for unemployment relies on your ability to work at a different job in the near future. If you are now unable to work at all because of the illness or injury, unemployment compensation may not be an option. Instead, you should consider filing for disability benefits. Also, if your injury or illness was as a result of your employment, you should investigate the worker’s compensation rules at the company and consider filing for worker’s compensation benefits.

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Who Does Not Qualify for Unemployment in Missouri?

Knowing who qualifies for unemployment is important, but it is equally important to understand who does not meet the qualifications. Missouri unemployment insurance eligibility may be denied to an applicant due to a few different reasons. One reason includes that independent contractors or workers who are classified by their employer as self-employed may not be eligible for unemployment benefits. A worker does not meet the qualifications for unemployment if he or she quit his or her job outside of the conditions specified by state law. Also, workers who lost their jobs for reasons that were within their control are also not eligible for Missouri unemployment payments. This includes a company or corporation firing an employee for misconduct that is related to work, or the refusal to work.

How to Maintain Unemployment Insurance Eligibility in Missouri

In addition to understanding what the requirements are to get unemployment, once you have proven your eligibility for unemployment in Missouri it is important to understand what must be done on your part in order to continue maintain your eligibility for the unemployment insurance payments. One of the things that you must do to continue qualifying for unemployment is you must continue searching for employment opportunities during the entirety of time spent receiving unemployment benefits. Furthermore, you must be healthy enough and physically able to be available for work every week. If you do not actively apply to jobs, or if you are not available to work you may be disqualified and you may stop receiving benefits. Additionally, if you refuse a viable job opportunity your benefits may be denied.

In addition, a qualification for Missouri unemployment is that you must report any and all wages earned during your time of receiving unemployment benefits. These wages must be reported even if they will not be paid out until a later time. The wages include tips, bonuses, military reserve pay, board, lodging and more.

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