Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance in North Dakota

Eligibility for Unemployment in North Dakota depends on if unemployment applicants have been separated from employment from no fault of their own, or their hours have been reduced. Unemployment insurance provides temporary financial assistance to those who meet all of the state requirements. If you qualify so far, unemployment insurance eligibility in ND requires you to prove that you can work, are available to work, and that you are actively seeking new employment. Download our helpful guide to unemployment to discover more about the process of qualifying for eligibility and how to apply.

What are the requirements to get unemployment in North Dakota?

Unemployment insurance eligibility in ND is defined by the Department of Labor’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) program. For most states, including North Dakota qualifications for unemployment is determined by the “base period.” A base period is defined as the 12-month period consisting of the first four out of the last five finished calendar quarters before you file your unemployment insurance claim. Eligibility for EDD in ND requires that all benefits be subject to federal income taxes, and you must report them on your federal income tax return. Unemployment insurance applicants may also wish to have the tax withheld by the UI agency.

Eligibility for unemployment in ND states that payments are made to only the UI beneficiary who is eligible to receive unemployment benefits. To qualify, unemployment applicants must have previously worked for an employer who is liable under the North Dakota Unemployment Insurance program. It is important to note that not all employers are considered responsible or covered employers. All liable employers in North Dakota must participate in the eligibility for unemployment by paying unemployment insurance taxes on the wages that they pay out.

Who qualifies for unemployment in North Dakota?

How to qualify for unemployment in North Dakota depends on the specific circumstances that those interested in unemployment compensation find themselves. Qualifications for unemployment in ND states that you must have worked during the past 12 to 18 months and that you are able to prove that employment. Unemployment applicants must also have earned at least the minimum amount of wages as determined by the guidelines set by the state of North Dakota. Your eligibility for unemployment also depends on you being able to work and are made available for work for each week that you are collecting UI benefits.

Who does not meet qualifications for unemployment in North Dakota?

North Dakota qualifications for unemployment depend on how an unemployment insurance applicant has initially become unemployed. If they quit work without a good cause, as defined by the state, they may be disqualified from benefits until they work for another employer who is ensured and earn wages equal to or greater than eight times your current weekly benefit amount.

If a lack of transportation or lack of childcare prevents you from being able to work or considers you unavailable to work, your eligibility for unemployment in ND will show that you are unable to receive unemployment benefits. If you are out of the area in which you applied for vacation or personal business other than seeking job employment, your eligibility for EDD assessment will determine that you are not eligible to receive benefits for the time length you were gone. If you plan on being out of the area for more than two weeks and plan on drawing unemployment insurance benefits once you return, you need to continue to complete your weekly certifications, even for the week, or weeks, that you are gone. When you are once again available for work, you must contact the claims center.

How to Maintain Eligibility for EDD in North Dakota

If you have successfully filed your unemployment insurance claim and your eligibility for unemployment in ND is approved, you must complete weekly certifications and also meet all eligibility requirements to continue to receive weekly benefits. During the certification process, you will answer a series of questions that include your earnings for the week. Weekly certifications are a process to verify that UI beneficiaries are unemployed during the week. If you do not complete your certification within the given timeframe, your qualifications for unemployment will be reviewed, and you will not be eligible to receive benefits for the week, and you will need to reopen your claim before receiving any further benefits.

To maintain your unemployment insurance eligibility in North Dakota, you will also be required to search for work and make job contacts if you do not plan to return to the employer that laid you off. As part of the benefits program, you must register for work by completing at least one resume on the Job Service North Dakota website within ten days of filing or reopening a claim. Failure to complete or update your resume online will result in a stop on your claim and may result in the loss of your eligibility for unemployment and benefits. The resume you post online must reflect the type of work that you have most recently completed. Qualifications for unemployment in ND states that the resume must be accessible to employers and include information like your name, contact information and employment history. If you reside in another state and do not typically commute to work in North Dakota, you must register for employment at the nearest public employment office in the state in which you reside. To learn more about how to accurately present your employment information for unemployment benefits, download our comprehensive guide.

When Am I Accepted into the Unemployment Program?

North Dakota eligibility for unemployment states that UI beneficiaries are accepted into the program and will start to receive benefits after the “waiting week.” The waiting week is the first week that you establish a claim for benefits. No benefits are paid for that week. However, you must certify that week and meet all other unemployment eligibility requirements to be eligible for future benefits. A waiting week is required based on North Dakota law and enables job services the opportunity to obtain the necessary information to ensure the proper payments of benefits. Qualifications for unemployment in ND states that UI beneficiaries will not receive payment for the waiting week, and only one waiting week is served in a benefit year. A week cannot be a waiting week if you are disqualified for any reason during that week.