Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance in Wyoming

Requirements for Wyoming eligibility for unemployment are based on guidelines provided by the federal government’s unemployment insurance (UI) program. Standardized unemployment insurance eligibility laws are issued by the U.S. Department of Labor. The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services cooperates with the U.S. Department of Labor to handle unemployment insurance claims within the state. In addition to the eligibility for EDD requirements outlined by the federal government, the Wyoming unemployment insurance program has its own guidelines and regulations that applicants must meet. To meet qualifications for unemployment insurance benefits in Wyoming, claimants must be out of work or partially out of work through no fault of their own. To satisfy unemployment requirements, applicants must actively looking for work and be physically and mentally able to accept work while receiving weekly benefits. To find out who qualifies for unemployment in Wyoming, you can read the section below for more details. In addition to how to qualify for unemployment in this state, you can learn about partial eligibility rules, common disqualifications and other necessary information. You can also find out more about what are the requirements to get unemployment benefits by downloading our national unemployment guide here for job seekers.

What You Need to Know about Eligibility for Unemployment in Wyoming

To assess your own eligibility for unemployment in Wyoming, you can start by learning about the state’s unemployment insurance program. Unemployment insurance eligibility requirements are established by the federal government and enforced on a state level by the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services. Such UI eligibility requirements are used to evaluate whether to award you unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are weekly payments intended to partially replace lost wages when you are out of a job for reasons over which you have no control. In Wyoming, UI benefits are paid for by a tax placed on state employers and are designed to minimize the detrimental effects of unemployment on the Wyoming economic environment. Learning how to qualify for unemployment in Wyoming before completing the application process can help make your sign up easier and more organized.

Who qualifies for unemployment benefits in Wyoming?

Eligibility for unemployment qualifications typically limit benefits to Wyoming workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own and who would have a job if suitable work were made available to them. Basic unemployment insurance eligibility requirements in Wyoming include reasons for unemployment, meeting wage requirements and being able and willing to work. Typically, unemployment insurance eligibility is not available to applicants who quit a job. Unemployment eligibility in Wyoming is for workers who were fired or let go for reasons not related to misconduct. Workers who quit their jobs, however, may be eligible for unemployment if they quit for good reason, such as harassment or discrimination. Eligibility requirements for unemployment also look at an employee’s qualified wages. The Wyoming Workforce Services uses a base period, which refers to the first four months during the previous five-month period before the initial claim. Applicants must have earned a minimum income during the base period and they must have worked for at least two months during the base period. Additionally, applicants seeking eligibility for unemployment benefits must have a total income during the base period that is 1.4 times more than their highest earning quarter. Anyone seeking unemployment insurance benefits must also be able to work and actively seeking a position.

Maintaining Continued Eligibility for Unemployment in Wyoming

After you meet eligibility for unemployment criteria initially in Wyoming, you must satisfy certain continued requirements every week while receiving benefits. Weekly qualifications for unemployment in Wyoming include:

  • Signing up with the Wyoming UI Services.
  • Continuing to actively look for and accepting a suitable position when offered.
  • Reporting any wages earned from part-time work or other sources to the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.
  • Report job hunt efforts, including any positions offered or refused to the Department.

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Partial Unemployment Insurance Eligibility in Wyoming

You may still meet eligibility for unemployment requirements in Wyoming, even if you are employed part-time. To satisfy qualifications for unemployment while working part time, you must work below a certain number of hours each week and earn below a certain amount. While claiming unemployment benefits and working part time, carefully report all the wages you earn every week. If you neglect to report all your earnings, you could be penalized by being disqualified from the UI program for a whole year.

Disqualifications for Eligibility for Unemployment in Wyoming

Your eligibility for unemployment in Wyoming could be invalidated even if you have been separated from your work. In this state, unemployment insurance eligibility is invalidated if you voluntarily terminate your job yourself without a just reason that can be attributed to your employer. You may also be disqualified from receiving unemployment insurance benefits if you were fired from your job for misconduct in the workplace. Your Wyoming unemployment benefits eligibility could be cancelled if you do not apply for a suitable position within a certain deadline. Finally, your UI eligibility could be overturned if it is found you included untrue or misleading answers during the application process.

Appealing Your Eligibility for Unemployment Determination in Wyoming

If you receive an eligibility for unemployment determination from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services stating you are not qualified to receive benefits, you have a right to appeal this decision. Appeal an unfavorable unemployment insurance eligibility determination by sending a written statement to the Wyoming Unemployment Insurance Appeals Division. In your UI eligibility appeal, include your name and contact information, in addition to the reason you disagree with your UI benefit determination. You may submit your written appeal via mail or fax. After submitting a written eligibility for EDD appeal, you may be asked to attend a hearing with your employer and any parties involved in the case. At the unemployment eligibility hearing, you may present evidence and witnesses to support your case.

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